WhatsApp could soon back up your data into Google Drive to Restore it easily

WhatsApp which already has the feature of letting you to Back up all the Chat data and Restore it into a new device or after updating your device, which was a bit complicated and not easy for all the users to get  a hang of. So now WhatsApp are now looking at a simpler and more easier process with which even a normal user without much tech knowledge can Back up and restore the data to their smartphone.
Whats app data back up in google drive

The new update will let you update all your Chat history and data into Google Drive which is a file storage and sharing platform synced to your Google account. This will surely let you do everything more easily as I know the pain of backing up and restoring data to all my friends and relatives all the time by backing up the data on your device internal memory to SD card and then moving it into your new phone which will let you have all the previous chat history, contacts, files etc in your new device as well.

Here are the supposed Steps which should be followed to Back up and restore data from your old Whatsapp to new WhatsApp account:

1. First of all you need internet connection either a cellular data network or WiFi to help back up data to your Google Drive account.

2. Now you have to give permission in your WhatsApp account to backup chat history to your Google Drive account.

3. Here you can Back up all the data including Chat history, pictures, contacts into your Google Drive account except videos.

4. There will be option to whether to let your device back up data only over WiFi or over Cellular data as well.

5. Now you can Restore the Data into your new device on logging in into your WhatsApp from your new device. And if you are getting an Error “Couldn’t reach Google Drive” you have to check the internet connection and tap on the “%0.91$” to start the transfer again.

There is a small problem with this Error which was mentioned in the leaked post in a Dutch site DroidApp.nl which mentioned that Restoring the data seems to be offered when you launch the app for the first time in your new device. And if you do not accept this you loose the old backup, which seems very unlikely.

There is no particular timeline of the launch of this feature but we sure hope that the update will be launched easily which will make life a lot easier for users like us who keep changing the devices regularly.

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