How to Turn off or Stop Automatic Windows 10 Updates

It is sometimes useful and sometimes annoying to get new OS updates on a regular basis and it was quite easy to Stop Auto Update on Windows 10 from the Update and Security settings which has been changed in Windows 10. If you are coming from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 the direct option has been turned off but there is a way around to close the update.

How to disable auto update for Windows 10 PC or laptop

Updating your Laptop or PC with the latest OS update is useful in many ways, as they bring in bug fixes and new features etc. But the most annoying part of having Auto Updates turned on is, in times of urgency or when you have something important to do is the time the update shows up making your laptop or PC annoyingly slow.

As there is no direct option to turn off auto updates in Windows 10, the workaround requires you to set your active internet connection as a metered one which prevents the updates from being downloaded automatically.

Steps to Turn Off Auto Update in Windows 10:


Under Windows updates option you will find that “Available updates will be downloaded and installed automatically, except over metered connections”. So all we have to do is Set your laptop or PC as a metered connection.

1 Click on the Windows icon on the lower left border of the screen

2 Now click on the Gear icon (Settings)

3 Now click on Network & Internet option

4 Click on the Wi-Fi option from the list on the left side of the display

5 Here you need to click Manage known networks 

6 From the Network which is active or you use as you primary network, click on the “Properties” button

7 Now you need to scroll to Metered connection option and toggle the switch to On

That is it, you have now successfully stopped Auto update of Windows 10 updates on your Laptop or PC. But make sure that you manually update regularly when you are free to get the bug fixes and to make sure that your system is up to date.

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