Top Apps and Websites to find ATM near you with money

With recent demonetization by the Indian Government making citizens either exchange or deposit their old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes in an attempt to crub illegal money from the market. It has lead to a lot of discomfort to all the citizens of the country who have ended up in huge lines outside their banks or ATMs which have been virtually without money from the past couple of weeks.

With this step the whole of India has been discussing just one thing “Demonetization” and which ATMs are having money is the next hottest topic among friends, family and strangers alike. With the cash crunch at an all time high even with the presence of Debit and Credit cards along with online Wallets like Paytm, Mobowiki, Freecharge etc making their mark it is difficult to survive just on virtual money for long.

To help you find the nearest ATM near your location which is working and with money in the machine some Apps and websites have come up with live trackers to make it easier for you get the ATM with money without physically searching for one.

Walnut App:

This app has been in the market for quite sometime which was a money management app to help in tracking expenditure, splitting bills among friends and helps in transferring money to friends as well. The developers have now updated the app to give the option to find the ATMs with cash near your location.

find nearest working atm with app

If you are thinking how it is updated with the information, it is crowd sourced which is based on the information given by its 1.8 million user base who keep updating about the details of the ATM with or without money. To know if the ATM has money or not, the App shows Pins on the Map with different colors depicting the following – Green Pin tells that money is being withdrawn from the ATM, Orange Pin tells that the ATM was recently dispensing cash and Grey Pin means there is no cash from the past few days.

The App is pretty useful as it lets you share the details about the availability of cash from the ATM directly on Social media platforms like Facebook ,Twitter, WhatsApp etc directly from the App. The App is available for Android and iOS but the ATM availability feature is available only for Android devices.

Cash No Cash:

This is a website launched by Quikr which is also available on Google Play Store and for iOS devices, it also works based on crowd sourcing with the help of users submitting data about the availability of cash in the ATMs near by. To use the service with the App or website all you need to do is enter the pincode of your location or the area in which you are looking for ATMs and you will be getting the data either in a list for or on a Map showing the locations of the ATMs and their status.

how to find atms with cash nearby using cashnocash

It will show Cash – Green Location icon, Wait – Orange Icon and No Cash – Red Location Icon giving you the information needed. You can also create an Alert to give a notification when the ATMs in the given location have cash. It is a pretty useful App and website which is point to point.

ATM Search:

This is a very straightforward website which comes with a direct search bar in which you need to enter the location or place you want to search for ATM. You will be getting the results directly with the options – Bank, Landmark, Crowd and the Updated time. This is the only Website which shows the crowd present in the ATM line.

How to search for ATM with cash nearby

All the above Websites and Apps are crowd sourced which increase the option for errors and as these Apps and websites have been started recently the information cannot be accurate most of the times. But it is a great idea to help yourself and fellow Indians to search for the nearest working ATM, make sure that you keep updating the information on the App to help others in need.

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