How to Stop Windows 10 from sending Activity history to Microsoft

Microsoft is known to keep track of your activity on Windows 10 to help you in making your usability better like launching apps on start up etc. But it just does not start at keeping track of your apps activity but also websites you browse in the form of history. Windows terms this as Feedback to help in keeping Windows 10 up to date and stores it as Diagnostic data.

So to prevent Windows 10 from keeping track of your data and sending Microsoft your Data you can turn off – Activity History, Diagnostic & Feedback etc. Follow the steps mentioned below to prevent or stop Windows 10 OS from sending Activity history to Microsoft. It is a good thing that, Microsoft is clear and transparent about the tracking and gives the users an option to turn off tracking under Privacy settings on their laptop or Computer.

How to stop windows 10 from sending activity history to Microsoft

How to Turn off Activity History Tracking by Windows 10:

Step 1: Click on the Start button on the bottom left corner of the screen

Step 2: Now tap on Settings icon (gear icon) in the menu

Step 3: Now tap on Privacy option in the Settings Menu

Step 4: Under privacy, tap on the Activity history option in the left side menu

Step 5: Here, the option “Let Windows Collect my Activities from this PC” will be selected, now tap on it to deselect it.

How to stop Windows 10 from tracking your activity

Step 6: Now scroll down and click on “Privacy dashboard” under “Know your privacy options”. You will be directed to Microsoft’s privacy dashboard page. (You need to login to your Microsoft account here).

Step 7: Now, click on Privacy in the top bar and then click on “Activity history” here you can check all the activity which was tracked by Microsoft and Windows 10.

How to stop Windows 10 from sending Feedback and Diagnostic data to Microsoft:

Now that you have stopped Microsoft from tracking your Activity, you also prevent Windows 10 from sending Diagnostic and Feedback data to Microsoft by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Click on the Start button at the lower left corner of the screen and tap on Settings icon

Step 2: Click on Privacy” option and now tap on Feedback & Diagnostics” 

How to stop Windows 10 from sending Diagnostic & feedback data

Step 3: Here you will see under Diagnostic and usage data, couple of options which let you decide how much data you want to send to Microsoft. There are two options – Basic and Full, by default Full is selected and you need to click on Basic if you want to prevent Windows 10 from sending data like browser, app and features usage to Microsoft.

Step 4: Scroll down and then deselect Improve inking & typing recognition”

This will prevent Windows 10 from sending data to Microsoft, but this does not completely prevent Data from being sent. If you wish to completely stop or prevent Windows 10 from tracking and sending data, you need to Disable Telemetry and Data Collection in Windows 10.

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