OnePlus 3 Price revealed in pre launch Flash Sale in China with 1000 units for sale

OnePlus has officially revealed the launch date of OnePlus 3 as June 14th internationally making it the first VR launch. There is a new update from China which shows an advert depicting a Flash Sale on June 6th which is much before the scheduled official launch date. It also mentions the time as 10.00 am and the number of units being sold as 1000.

One more important thing has also been revealed, the price of OnePlus 3 as CNY 2,999 which is approximately Rs. 30,000. Although on the higher side we cannot be sure if this is the official price or just a pre-launch pricing, we can confirm the price only at the official launch event.

OnePlus 3 flash sale on June 6th ahead of launch event

We have already seen the design of OnePlus 3 and the specifications of OnePlus 3 in a series of leaks all over the internet. With the pricing, it is also mentioned that “Please Note this is not the actual price”. In the flash sale, the users get some goodies or bonus gifts worth CNY 249 and broken screen replacement insurance worth CNY 49 for 6 months.

There is also a new teaser which has been revealed ahead of the June 14th Launch which you can see here.

The launch date of OnePlus 3 is on June 14th and you can check out the time in your location here – OnePlus 3 Launch timings. It is important to note that the OnePlus 3 will be available without invite starting from day one and you can grab the phone via the company’s loop app for the first 2 hours after the launch, and the open sale commences later from 3.00pm ET on It is approximately 12.30 pm according to Indian Standard Time.

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