NVIDIA announces GeForce GTX 980 Ti their latest flagship GPU

NVIDIA has announced their latest flagship GPU under the GTX series named as the “GTX980 Ti” which comes with some amazing features. This GPU is a scaled down version of the GeForce GTX Titan X which was launched earlier this year.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti announced with price and availability

Coming to the features and specs of this Graphic card, it comes with a 6GB RAM which is scaled down from 12GBin the Titan X and is double when compared to the 780 Ti. The GPU is powered by 2186 CUDA cores which is close to the Titan X making it a very powerful GPU to give some impressive processing power. The power consumption of the GPU is at 250W and NVIDIA has done a good job in that and also promise that it is going to be a Compact Cool and Quite GPU giving you a different gaming experience. The Graphic card comes with DirectX 12 support along with the most advanced API’s which will be able to handle the graphics even at low bandwidths.

NVIDIA has introduced some optimizations which are dedicated to improve the gaming experience on VR headsets with the help of GameWorks VR. It gives a huge list of features and tools to game developers to accelerate rendering, reduce latency which is important is gaming and scale performance in SLI along with the improved VR headset compatibility. The Base and peak clock speeds of GeForce GTX 980 Ti are 1002MHz and 1075MHz respectively.

With the help of these features NVIDIA is capable to achieve 3x performance boost compared to the previous GTX 680 GPU and an impressive 1.8 times performance boost when compared to the GTX 780 Ti. It also comes with NVIDIA’s energy efficient Maxwell architecture and has a rated TDP of 250W. This GPU also offers its users some High quality graphics with reduced memory usage and the use of millions of unique textures per scene, higher quality and more complex visual effects, efficient multi-resolution shadow maps, high quality Ray Traced shadow free of aliasing and higher quality transparency rendering which will get your gaming experience more closer to reality.

When comparing with the earlier GTX 680 GPU the company says that the GTX 980 Ti can provide up to 3x the power and 2.3x compared to the GTX 680. With more gamers going for games with higher resolutions such as 4K quality settings, this GPU will be the ideal one to support such games without causing much problem.

Price and Availability of GeForce GTX 980 Ti:

It is available for purchase in NVIDIA Online store for $649.99 MSRP and along with it NVIDIA is giving away a free copy of Batman: Arkham Knight game to let users experience the power of the Card first hand.

In India Zotac has first announced with the base model priced at Rs. 55,249 and goes up to Rs. 69,999 for the higher end model. The Graphic card will be available in markets from June 6th.

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