HP introduces two Budget Desktop PC’s HP 110 and HP 120 in India

HP has introduced two new Desktops in India which are targeted for Home users and normal or small Businesses. The desktop PC’s are named HP 110 and HP 120. These Desktop PC’s run on Windows 8.1 and both can be upgraded in terms of internal storage and Graphic Card.

The HP 110 Desktop PC is powered by a 4th gen 64-bit Quad Core Processor and is supported by 2GB of DDRL3 RAM. The Desktop also comes with Intel HD Graphic card and you have 500GB of Storage or HDD. The Desktop PC comes equipped with a mouse and keyboard but not a Monitor. The pricing of the HP 110 is set at Rs. 23,999 which is decent enough looking at the features which are at offer. If you want to purchase a Monitor there is an option but not exactly sure about the pricing of the bundle.
HP 110 and 120 Desktop PC launched in India

The HP 120 is powered by a 4th gen 64-bit Intel Core i3 Processor, with a speed clocked at 3.6Ghz. It runs on Microsoft Windows 8.1. It comes bundled with 2GB of SDRAM which can be upgraded to 4GB and users can customize the system with additional memory and graphics card which is not present in the HP 120. The HP 120 desktop features a 500GB HDD and comes with an included keyboard and a mouse.

These are some decent Desktop PC’s at offer from HP which can be useful for Home users who are purchasing Desktops for the first time or small business users. If you are one who wants high end specifications then this is not the one for you. You can always assemble a PC at get better features at a similar price with the risk you take with it.

As for the HP 110 and 120 the company is offering a 3 year on-site warranty for Rs. 1499 which is good for new users who are not used to the device which can lead to any problems which will be covered in the warranty offered by HP itself.

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