How to Unzip and Zip Files or Folders in iPhone

If you want to transfer large files to or from your iPhone to other devices, the best way to do is to either Zip or Unzip the files to make the transfer faster and easier. Compressing the files reduces the size of files easily. With the latest iOS 13 both iPhone and iPad now support ZIP compression format through native Files App. With this feature multiple files can be compressed into a single Zip file or a folder can be compressed into one and transferred to another iPhone or iPad and Unzipped directly on your iPhone or iPad without the need for connecting to a PC or Macbook.

How to Compress Files or Folders in iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open Files App on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Scroll through the list and find the Files or Folder which you want to Compress
  3. Compress Single File or Folder: Now tap and hold the File or Folder you want to compress to access the Contextual menu
  4. Compress Multiple Files or Folders: Select the files or folders which you want to compress and tap on the three dot icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to open the pop-up menu.
  5. Now tap on the option – “Compress
  6. Compressed file will be saved in the same location automatically

How to Uncompress or Unzip Files on iPhone:

  1. Open Files App on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Now select the Zip File which you want to Unzip or Uncompress
  3. Press and Hold the File to launch the contextual menu
  4. Now tap on Uncompress from the menu
  5. Unzipped or Uncompressed files will be saved in the same location as the original zip file.

With iOS 13 the new feature which lets you Zip and Unzip files is very useful allowing you to transfer files easily across devices in a faster without the use of any laptop or other means.

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