How to type Bold, Italics and Strike through in WhatsApp on iPhone

Everyone has started to use WhatsApp, as it has become the primary mode of communication. Now WhatsApp has included more features to iPhone App like typing the text in Bold, Italics and strikethrough text message. This feature is also very simple to use like other features of the app. These features help in highlighting any text which is important and is very helpful in conversations.

If you are using an iPhone and trying to get this feature, first you need to update WhatApp Application to the latest version in which the company has included these features. To try out these features, all you need to do is launch WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad and then select the contact to send the message. We have mentioned each feature separately to avoid confusion and also included an example.

How to type bride italics and strikethrough in iphone

How to type the text in Bold format:

  • To type the text in Bold format just add (asterisk)”*” before and after the text.
  • For example, *Hello*. Then tap the send button your message will be sent in bold format.

How to type the text in Italian:

  • For typing the text using Italian format just add (underscore)”_“ before and after the text.
  • Like, _Hello_ Now the text will be sent in Italian format.

How to strikethrough the text:

  • In order to Strikethrough the text you need to add (tilde)”¬ before and after the text.
  • Example: ¬ Hello¬ 

You can use these features on your WhatsApp in your iPhone and although these features are not useful in regular or day to day conversations, it is surely a very useful feature to keep your messages creative.

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