How to Temporarily Deactivate WhatsApp account in iPhone and iPad

WhatsApp has close to 1 billion monthly users and it has taken over as the top Instant messaging App in the world. With WhatsApp groups and calling feature recently activated the Instant messaging App has become addictive and getting some time off WhatsApp will be pretty helpful and productive.

Updated on: April 2020

So if you are a student and want to get off and stay away from WhatsApp for your exams or you just want to have some time off WhatsApp on your iPhone we have the trick for you. For Android devices, Temporarily deactivating WhatApp is a pretty complicated process and in iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, it is a pretty straight forward process.

Steps to Temporarily deactivate WhatsApp on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad:

Method 1: Contact WhatsApp for Account Deactivation

Report your smartphone as stolen and WhatsApp will be deactivated on your account, let us show you How you can send an email to WhatsApp mentioning that your phone lost and requesting to deactivate my account.

Step 1: Open your Email account be it Gmail, Yahoo, msn etc

Step 2: Now enter – in the Send to bar

Step 3: Now type in the Phrase – “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account” in the Subject or Body of the email. Also add your your Phone number to which your WhatsApp account it linked.

Step 4: The Phone number should be mentioned in full international format – You can see here – Link.

Once your WhatsApp Account is deactivated you need to reactivate your account in 30 days time, if you fail to do so after 30 days your account will be completely deleted and all your data will be lost. Any messages sent during the time your account is in deactivated state will be received once the account is reactivated.

How to Temporarily Deactivate WhatsApp Account on iPhone:

  • Go to the main Settings in your iPhone or iPad
  • In settings scroll down to the bottom till you locate the WhatApp option under the list of Installed Apps
  • Tap on WhatsApp to open the options
  • From the list of the options, Disable Mobile Data which will be enabled and you are done

How to temporarily deactivate WhatsApp on iPhone

This will help temporarily disable WhatsApp even when the internet connection in turned on in your device and you will not be getting any notifications or messages from WhatsApp until you activate the Mobile Data option again. There is one problem with this option, you will be getting messages and WhatsApp will be active when connected to WiFi, Apple included this feature to make sure that while using mobile data the user gets an option to disable the App and save data selectively.

If you want to completely remove WhatsApp and not let it work even with WiFi you have to follow the steps below which lets you Delete your WhatsApp App from your Phone.

How to Delete WhatsApp Permanently on iPhone and iPad

  • The First Step to follow is to Backup All your data on WhatsApp
  • Now you can Uninstall the App from your iPhone by Deleting it
  • Launch WhatsApp and now tap on Settings option located on the bottom right of the screen
  • Under settings select Delete My Account
  • Here you need to Enter your Phone number and then delete your account

You can Install WhatsApp whenever you want to use WhatsApp again and restore all the data which was backed up to your device and start using WhatsApp like before.


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