How to Stop or Disable Game DVR in Windows 10 PC or Laptop

The Game DVR feature in Windows 10 a great addition for Gamers who would like to record their game play or capture photos during game play to share in the future without the use of any external software. But this feature has been known to decrease the performance of your PC or Laptop while gaming decreasing fps resulting in lag during gameplay. We all know that while playing Graphic intense games we need all the power from your system to give the best graphics to help you have the best gameplay experience. Xbox DVR in Windows 10 helps in recording video while gaming and also has an option to capture screenshots while in a game.

But if you are not someone who is keen on recording your game play or taking screenshots on your computer it is best to turn off Game DVR option in your Windows 10 which will improve your gaming performance and also solve some of the performance issues faced during gameplay. To get the maximum fps while playing Counter Strike GO I usually disable Game DVR and there is a lot of difference which can be seen. So let us look how to Disable or Turn Off Game DVR in Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

Steps to Turn Off Game DVR in Windows 10:

Click on the Windows button on the left side bottom of your laptop or PC display

Now from the options scroll ot the Xbox App icon and click on it

You need to log in or Sign in to your Microsoft Account

Now in your Xbox App click on the Three lines icon on the top left border of the window, from the options seen click on Settings

In the Settings page, you will find the Game DVR option, click on it

Here you can see the option – Background recording and under it the toggle switch to turn it On or Off. If it is on click on it to turn it off.

How to turn off Game DVR from recording videos in Windows 10

Next you need to scroll down and also turn off the Take screenshots using Game DVR option as well or leave it off if needed

How to turn off Game DVR from capturing screenshots in Windows 10

You have now successfully turned Off the Game DVR option and your system resources will not be used up to record or take screenshots of your games which affects the performance and quality of your gameplay. When you want to record videos or take screenshot of your game during gameplay you can follow the same steps and turn on the options using the toggle switch under Game DVR.

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