How to Stop or Turn Off Auto Playing Videos in Facebook App for Android and iOS

Sharing of Videos has seen a huge increase in the recent times on Facebook and Social media sites are the improved cameras on smartphones and decreased Data rates. This has lead to a rather peculiar problem of Facebook, the default setting in the Facebook App for either Android or iOS is that the Videos which you see while scrolling through the News Feed start playing automatically. This is a problem as the playing of Videos which you did not wish to see is a waste of valuable Bandwidth and Data on your carrier or WiFi. We have earlier shown how you can Turn off Sound for Auto-Playing Videos on Facebook.

It is a similar procedure where you need to go into the settings and turn Off the Auto Playing option which prevents the Videos from playing automatically as you scroll through the news feed. Facebook has recently started showing “Videos you may Like” in your News Feed. Here you see random Videos which Facebook feels you might like. So follow the steps mentioned below to stop Auto Playing of Videos shared on your timeline by your contacts or shown by Facebook.

How to Stop Auto Play Videos in Facebook App:

Step 1: Go to Facebook App on your Android or iOS device

Step 2: Now tap on the Three lines icon on the Right top of the screen

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom and then tap on Settings option

Step 4: Scroll through the list of Settings all the way to the bottom and tap on Media and Contacts

How to Stop Autoplaying of Videos in Facebook app newsfeed

Step 5: You will be seeing the option – Autoplay – “On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi” tap on it

Step 6: Here you need to tap on the option – Never Autoplay Videos 

How to Turn off auto play videos in Facebook App for Android or iOS

In case you want to Autoplay videos while connected to the Wi-Fi connection you can turn the option on, where the videos will on Autoplay when you are connected to Wi-Fi and not when you are connected to mobile network.

If you wish to keep Autoplay of Videos turned on and just want to turn off the Sound when the Videos start playing you can do that as well by selecting the option in the last page – Videos in News Feed start with Sound. It is a very simple procedure to Stop Autoplay Videos in Facebook App for iOS and Android which can save a lot of data and also prevent from others getting disturbed when a Video suddenly starts playing loudly while you are scrolling through your newsfeed.

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