How to Stop Auto Download of Images and Videos in Whats App

Here is a tutorial to help you Stop Auto Download Images to your Device when you open and view an Image or photo in Whats App. The Messaging Platform which is having 450 Million users is the biggest platform for interaction which has been recently bought by Facebook for a staggering $ 19 Billion. which is biggest takeover in recent times.

Whats app is a platform which was used by many due to the increasing rates of Text messages by Network providers. There were some problems with Whats App like Last Seen status, Number and photo can be viewed by people who have your contact without your permission and Saving of Photos when opened to your device gallery.

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How to stop Auto Download photos, video and audio in whats app

Here we are going to show you How to Disable or Stop Whats app from auto Saving or Downloading Media to your device.

  1. Launch Whats App in your android Device.
  2. Click on the 3 dotted Icon on right side top of your Whats app and Go to “Settings” 
  3. Then Click on the Chat Settings from the list of Options
  4. Go to “Media Auto Download” 
  5. Here you will be seeing options which let you put Download Specification when using Wifi, Mobile Data and Roaming.
  6. So you can choose to allow download of Media in anyone or None of the above options.
  7. So here we have to Deselect all the options i.e Mobile Data, Wifi and Roaming to stop Whats App from downloading Media be it Audio, Photos or Video.

After Selecting or De Selecting these options you will be able to restrict and allow Media Download to only the network you wish to Download from. And also you can allow or stop type of Media like Audio, Photos and Videos.


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