How to stop Apps from running in Background in Windows 10 PC or Laptop

Are you facing the problem of your Windows 10 PC or laptop becoming slow overtime with the increase in the number of apps, the culprit to this problem is the number of apps running in the background without your knowledge. This problem is not just restricted to smartphones running on Android OS but also in Windows OS as there are a huge number of apps available now. So if you are facing this problem of your PC or Laptop slowing down even when you have enough storage space, all you have to do is stop the Apps from running in Background.

You can check which apps are running in the background and choose to turn them off as and when required to save the RAM and CPU from being used up. By default your Windows OS will keep running the Apps which it thinks will help in keeping the system ready to use when it first starts up. The apps which are usually running in the background are – Skype, Calendar, Email, maps etc which use up a lot of CPU making the system slow.

So if you are facing this problem of your PC or Laptop slowing down, the best option is to first close or stop the apps which are running in the background taking up your CPU power making it slow. Let us see in a step by step manner how to stop these Apps.

How to turn off background apps in Windows 10 PC or Laptop

How to Stop Apps from Running in the Background in Windows 10:

  • Head to the Settings Menu in Windows 10 by clicking on the Windows icon on the left side bottom of the screen and clicking on the Gear icon
  • From the list of settings tap on Privacy option
  • In the Privacy Settings page, you need to find the option – Background Apps and click on it
  • You will be seeing the list of Apps running in the background
  • You will be seeing a toggle switch beside each App giving you the option to turn the app On or Off from running in the background
  • Using the toggle switch turn off each app which you feel in not necessary  for you to run in the background or launch on start

You need to first prioritize which apps you want running in the background and which you do not need. Some of the Apps such as News, Money, Skype (takes up the maximum CPU), Maps, weather etc can be stopped as they launch themselves up in the background and keep running  taking up valuable CPU power making you laptop or PC slow.

Once these Apps are turned off from running in the background we can find a clear difference in the way your PC or Laptop works, it feels much faster and I have personally found that heating in my Sony Vaio has also considerably decreased after this trick. One of the main things which everyone asks is “How to turn off Skyp from launching at start” and “How to turn off Skype from running in the background” which can be done by following the same method.

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