How to Stop Ads on All Websites

While Browsing through any website the common feature which you will find is the presence of Ads. Be it Facebook or gmail or any personal website or Blog the presence of ads is common and sometimes these ads get to your nerves by interfering with your view, which i experienced many times. So i took to a little time to find any plugins which can help be block or make the ads disappear in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. I came across a Plugin which is being used by more than 10 million users and i can hardly find any negative reviews about this plugin. And one added advantage is that this plugin is Free for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browsers. How to block or stop ads in websites on firefox and google chrome

With AdBlock Plus you can even stop the annoyind ads in Youtube videos which show up before every video you watch. This plugin is really helpful in saving your bandwidth too if you are a chronic Youtube Video Watcher.

Plugin name: AdBlock

Links for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox: (click on the links below to go to the plugin page)

AdBlock for Google Chrome

AdBlock for Mozilla Firefox

AdBlock is a free plugin which blocks the following types of ads in any website · Banner ads,  YouTube video ads,  Facebook advertisements,  Pop-ups. Once you start using AdBlock Plus you will come to know how beautiful Websites look without those out of the way placed Ads without any proper alignment and obstructive to the reader.

Here are the Ads which are allowed by AdBlock Plugin in Websites: Acceptable ads by AdBlock

Let me show you how to Install AdBlock Plugin in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox:

How to use AdBlock Plugin in Google Chrome: How to block or stop ads on website in google chrome

  • Open/Launch Google Chrome
  • Click on this Link: AdBlock for Google Chrome
  • Click on the Add to Chrome button which will instal the AdBlock plugin after you click on the ADD button in the conformation box.
  • This should do, but if you want to get more option Right Click on any webpage or go to the Toolbar Box of AdBlock Plugin to see and modify the options according to your liking.

How to Use AdBlock Plugin in Mozilla Firefox: How to block ads in websites on firefox

  • Open/Launch Firefox
  • Click on this Link: AdBlock for Mozilla Firefox
  • Click on the Add to Firefox Button and Download and Installation will being after you click on the Instal button in the Pop-Up box
  • Like in Google Chrome to get more options you need to click on the AdBlock button and then you can change the options accordingly

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