How to Solve/Fix Error 498 in Google Play Store

We have seen that many users who are using Google Paly Store are facing many errors recently which can be due to many reasons and sometimes the errors get solved automatically with a minor update from Android and sometimes we have to interfere and solve or fix the errors one such error which many users have mentioned is the “An error 498 has occurred while communicating with the server, reload.”

This error can be seen after you are trying to update or install an Application or Game from Google Play Store into your android device which can be running on Android Jelly Bean or Android to solve or fix error 498 in google play store

So let me show you Some Steps which we followed to fix this error some users found one of the three steps useful so try to follow the methods and see which works for you:

Clear Cache and Data:

This step dose not require you to do much changes to your device so try starting with this step which was useful for many users,

  1. Tap on “Settings” icon in your android device
  2. Now tap on “Applications” and then select “All”
  3. From the list you have scroll and find the Google Play Store application and tap on it
  4. Now in the new page appearing just tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data tabs seen one after the other
  5. After clearing both Cache and Data close the settings application and go back to Google play store and try installing or updating the application or game which caused the error.

If the app or game installation or update is done smoothly fine or else follow the next solution to fix your problem.

Remove or Change Google/Gmail Account in Play Store:

This is also a simple trick which will help you solve the error when there is a problem with your gmail account which you have added to your Google Play Store account.

  1. Tap on Google Play Store icon
  2. Go to Settings which can be seen in the right side top of the screen
  3. Go to Accounts -> Tap on Choose Account or Add New Account
  4. And now you have to enter you other Gmail account
  5. After selecting this new Gmail account close the Google Play Store app and relaunch it

Now try to Install or Update the application which caused the error and see that the error is not shown.

If you are getting the error you have to follow the below mentioned steps which is a combination of the above mentioned steps:

  1. Tap on the settings icon and go to Accounts
  2. Now tap on Google and then tap on the Remove Gmail account this will remove or delete the gmail account synced with your android phone.
  3. Now you have to follow the first step mentioned in this post of “Clear Cache and Data” of Google Play Store along with this you have to do the same with Google Service Framework and Download manager as well.
  4. Now after you are done clearing cache and data form all these you have to go back to the Accounts and Google and Add your Gmail account back.
  5. Now close all the applications and restart Google Play Store and follow all the installations steps  and then try to install or update the application which you got the error 498 for.

If all these steps did not work for you then you are left to do a Factory Reset for your android device facing Error 498 as the last resort which will surely fix this error but make sure that you back up all the data like messages, phone book/contacts, photos, audio, videos etc before doing a factory reset.

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