How to Solve or Fix “Device is Not Certified by Google” Error in Android smartphones

Google is the company owning Android, has some very strict rules for devices which are running on their Android OS to make sure that they comply with certain requirements to make them safe. If the devices running the Android OS do not meet the set criteria they are termed as not secure. In such cases, you cannot find Google’s stock apps installed on the device and the devices are termed as Uncertified.

  • How to Check if your Android device is Certified

In devices which come under the Uncertified category, there will be an Error “Device is Not Certified by Google” which pops up when you try to launch certain Apps or open Google Play Store or try to Install or Update any Apps on your Android smartphone.

When does Google Term an Android device as Uncertified?

The Google Play Store uses an ID to determine the authenticity of any device, so Google Play Store scans for the GSF Device-ID on any Android device, if it is not able to identify this ID it terms the device as No Certified and the Error pops up – “Device is Not Certified by Google”.

How to Fix “Device is Note Certified By Google” Error:

To Fix this Error you need to get the GSF Device-ID and this should be converted to decimal format from hexadecimal format for Google Play Store to identify it. Here we will be explaining the procedure in which you can do this to fix the Error.

Step 1: You need to Install the Application – Device ID (As you are not able to access Play Store, you need to Sideload the App by downloading its APK and installing it).

Step 2:  Launch the Device ID application and you will be seeing the Google Services Framework (GSF) number. (This is in a format called Hexadecimal and it needs to be converted into the Decimal format for Google to recognize it).

Step 3: Copy the GSF number from the App and paste it here – Hex to Decimal Converter and copy the converted Decimal number

Step 4: Go to – Google Device Registration page and at the bottom Paste the copied GSF ID into the “Google Services Framework Android ID” bar and Click on “Register” and you will be seeing your Register ID on the page.

How to Fix Android device is not certified by Google Error

You are done, try to open Google Play Store or other apps to see if you are facing “Device is not certified by Google Error”. This solution is to fix this Error from popping but not to make your device Certified by Google Officially, if you are facing this Error after performing these steps then there is nothing you can do but to keep sideloading the Apps you need through APK files as you will not be able to access Google Play Store.


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