How to Show Zoom Profile picture instead of Video in Zoom Meeting

Zoom is being used extensively for making Video Conference calls for official meetings and casual meet ups with friends and family as well due to the lockdown across the globe. In some instances when you do not want to show your Video but want to participate in the Video call, you can show profile picture instead of your Video in a Zoom meeting. As everyone is at home, Zoom lets you Change your Background in a Zoom Video call which shows a static background. Let’s find out the steps in changing your Video to just show your Profile picture in Zoom Video Conference.

How to show Photo instead of your Video in Zoom Meetings:

If you already have a Profile picture set in your Zoom App, you do not need to upload one now, but if you are new and you have not set it, once you disable Video only your name will be shown in the space to others. So, let me show you first How to add profile picture in Zoom app.

How to Add or Change Profile Picture in Zoom:

Open Zoom App > Click on the Name or square icon in the top right corner of the screen > Click on Change My Picture > Click on Change under the profile picture > Upload any picture (less than 2MB) you wish to show > Click on Save.

How to Stop showing Video during or before a Zoom Video Call:

You can Stop showing your Video or change it with your Profile picture only when you are either about to join a Video Call or when you are in a Video call.

When you are making a Video call or you are in a Video call, you can see an option in the bottom left of the screen – Stop Video with the Video recorder icon. Click on it or you can Right click on your Video and select Stop Video.

Keyboard Shortcut to Stop or Disable Zoom Video: Alt + V (Windows OS) and Command + Shift + V (Mac OS).

How to Turn on Always Show Profile picture instead of your Video as default in Zoom Video Calls:

There is an option to activate always show profile picture instead of Video in Zoom call which will by default show only your profile picture when you make or receive or join a video call or meeting. To turn it on follow the steps below.

  • Launch Zoom App
  • Now click on Settings
  • Select Video from the left-hand side menu
  • Select the option – “Turn off my Video when joining meeting

This will by default start showing your profile picture while making a call and when you want to show your video you can click on the show video button on the bottom left or right click and select show video during a call. The above-mentioned steps can be used to fix the problem of Zoom profile picture not showing in Video call.


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