How to Set Whats App Profile Pictures without Cropping

Whats app the biggest Messaging App with the largest number of user around the world we have many tutorials listed for you in our blog for Whats app. This was one of the Question asked by one of our Readers asking how he can disable Crop for Profile Picture in  Whats App.

There is no option in Whats app to disable or stop the Crop feature within the settings but we found out a way to do it and its quite easy and Free too. Frankly speaking i got irritated quite a few times because of the Crop feature which removes the best parts of the image which i wanted to be displayed as my profile pic. I just removed the photo and used another one which suited the crop feature or tried editing the photo to fit in the size which din get me the desired results. So here is the Detailed procedure:

Here we are going to take the help of an App from Play Store which will let you set Whats Apps profile picture without cropping it.

How to Disable Crop feature while setting Whats App Profile Picture:

  1. Go to Google Play Store and Install this App – WhatsApp profile w/o cropping
  2. After installing all you have to do is go and Open Whats App
  3. Click on the 3 small squares icon on the right top side of screen and select Settings
  4. From the list Select Profile.
  5. Click on your Photo and you will be getting a Pop up box like the one seen belowHow to set whats app profile pictures without cropping
  6.  You will see Whats App Profile Picture icon which should be selected
  7. From here you have to select the folder in which your desired Profile picture is
  8. Select the photo and you will be directed to the app with some options like selection of rotation of image, background color of image, background of image and a photo frame.
  9. These changes can be done if desired or the picture can be uploaded the way it is.

This application really is useful to set Whats App Profile Picture without Cropping them and as the App in Play Store is Free this can be used on your devices Android Smartphones and Tablets.

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