How to Save Videos, Movies, Books, Music, Links to See or View later in Facebook

There is a new update in Facebook which allows users to save any Video, links, places, music, books, movies, Tv shows etc from your timeline to see later. When you are scrolling through your timeline on your smartphone network or when you are on a slow internet connection and see an interesting video on your timeline or see a link or music which you would like to read or see when you are free you do not have to worry about missing out on the Link or Video there is an option with which you can save the above mentioned options to view later on whenever you are free.

You can save the links directly from your timeline following the below given steps.

1. When you see a Video, Music, Links, Books, etc on your timeline which you would like to view later you have to tap or click on the down facing arrow head icon present on the right side top of the Link box.

2. This will now give a drop down box with some options like “I dont want to see this” “Unfollow”, “Report post”, “Save Bowling:What Not to do” as seen in the image below. Tap on the Save option.
How to save videos to see or view later in Facebook

3. Now your Video will be added to the Saved Videos page as seen in the image below. This page will list out all the saved items in a date wise manner and can be accessed easily any time you want by visiting the Saved List.
How to save videos to see or view later in my Facebook account
4. When you want to view the Videos or links which you have saved earlier you have to now tap on the “Saved” icon seen in the Notifications list seen in the left side as shown in the image below.
How to view saved videos in facebook
5. This will lead you to the Saved Page, which will show the list of saved Videos, links, books, places, music, movies, tv shows etc.

6. You can now select the Video or links which you want to view and see them which will be listed Date wise into lists.
How to save videos links places books and music to view later in facebook
This is a great new feature which will be useful for most of us as we tend to miss out on many exiting stuff while browsing in a slow internet connection or while browsing in a Mobile device on Mobile data connection.

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