How to remove tags from multiple photos at once on Facebook

Facebook has become the new mode of communication with almost everyone addicted to it, updating each and every aspect of their lives. It helps in connecting old lost friends and also lets you have a glimpse at others life, it has not just become a tool for connecting people but also a platform to promote businesses and any brand in particular.

With these promotions come the feature of Tagging your friends in photos and posts which are completely irrelevant to the other person. For example, someone from my friends list who owns a coffee shop when he launches a new store tags all his friends including me in the photo or post. This will be posted on my wall and on my timeline which is a very irritating thing. It is easy to remove tag form a single photo but if you are having multiple photos which your profile tagged it will take a lot of time to do it one at a time.

There is an option of removing all the tags at once. If you are facing the same problem then here are simple steps which will help in removing tags from multiple photos on Facebook at once.

Steps to remove tags from multiple photos at once on Facebook:

1. Go to your profile by clicking on your name and profile pic icon beside Home on the top of your Facebook Timeline.

2. Here you will be seeing an option called “View Activity Log” in your profile at the right bottom of your cover picture

How to remove multiple tags from photos in facebook

3. In the Activity Log page you have to click on Photos and then select Photos of You from the list

4. You will be seeing all the photos in which you are tagged in by your various friends

5. On the left side of each photo you will find a small box to select each one separately

How to remove all tags at once from photos in facebook

6. This lets you select and choose which photos you want to remove tags from and which photos you want to be tagged in

7. After selecting photos you will be getting the “Report/Remove Tags” option on the right side top of the page

8. Click on it after you are done selecting, this will remove the tags from all the photos you have selected

These are some simple steps which will let you remove tags from multiple photos at once and it even lets you keep the tags to some photos which you want.

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