How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background after Locking your Phone screen

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and the most viewed Video platforms in the world with a variety of categories of videos available and the content is ever increasing. One feature which was created for the benefit of users – Video getting paused when the screen is locked or changing the tab. One of the most popular or viewed videos on YouTube are Music Videos and one feature which I miss in particular is the feature to play Video in the background when locking the phone.

How to Play Youtube videos in background for iOS and Android even when phone is locked

One of the reasons to play videos in the background when the phone is locked is to save battery life, in cases where we are listening to a collection of songs which we are not watching. The other reason is most of the people like me have the habit of locking their phones by habit while placing it somewhere. You need to keep the display turned on to play a video on YouTube.

Let us look at How to Play Videos in the Background when your phone is locked – There are multiple options with which you can do it, one is:

1. YouTube Red subscription which is available at a price of $10 per month and restricted to certain regions around the world, so it is not the best option and you have to pay for it.

2. For Android users – Using Firefox or Chrome Browser to play YouTube Videos in the background:

Instead of using the YouTube App to play your desired video you need to open YouTube in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browser from your Android device.

Make sure that Notifications are enabled for Chrome which can be accessed under the general app settings, Tap on the App and then under Notifications you can see “Display Notifications on lock screen” – Turn it ON (It is turned on by default)

Now search for the Video which you want to play in the background and now you can Lock your device.

Yes !! it is that simple, in both the browsers the option – Auto Play in Background is turned on by default

After locking the device you will have the option to Play or Pause the Video directly from the lock screen

Note: If this is not working make sure that Data Saving option is turned off as this will stop background playing of YouTube Videos in both browsers.

3. For iOS users: If you are having an iPhone or and iPad and are using the default Safari browser do not worry as the browser also supports the same feature of Autoplay YouTube videos in the background.

Hope that we were helpful in giving you the option to play your YouTube videos in the background even when your Android or iOS device is locked, which in turn will help in saving a lot of battery life.

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