How to Offload Unused Apps on iPhone and iPad to Free up storage space

Storage space is a very important aspect in every smartphone and in iPhones it keeps you on your edge to see how much memory you have left as the devices do not have expandable storage space. There is a new feature which was introduced from iOS 11 which gives the option to users to remove Apps from iPhone or iPad and you do not loose any App Data or Documents known as – Offload Unused Apps on iPhone.

What Happens when you Offload Unused Apps on iPhone or iPad?

When you Offload and application in your iPhone or iPad the storage space occupied by the App will be freed up along with the App itself. The App and its data will be removed from Phone storage but the data will be stored on Cloud. You will be seeing the App icon on the Home screen but with an Cloud download icon next to the name. When you click on the Offloaded App, the data and documents of the app will be downloaded from the Cloud storage and app will be launched as it was before you Offloaded it.

How to Offload Apps on iPhone to free up storage space

Once you remove or Offload Apps from your iPhone or iPad you do not loose any data but you just remove the app from device storage thus freeing up storage space from your device. The most useful feature with Offloading of Apps from iPhone or iPad is the ability to re-download the App and you get back all the App Data and Documents and start from where you left off.

Steps to Offload Unused Apps on iPhone:

Follow the steps mentioned below to Offload unused apps from your iPhone device storage to free up some valuable space.

Step 1: Go to Settings in your iPhone or iPad

Step 2: In the settings page, tap on General option

Step 3: Under General, you need to tap on iPhone Storage

Step 4: Here you will be seeing the list of Apps installed on your iPhone and the amount of Data occupied by each Application, this helps you to decide which Apps you want to Offload to free up space. You can also see the last time you used the App which helps in deciding the Apps to be Offloaded.

Step 5: After deciding which App you want to Offload, tap on the App to open the App page.

Step 6: Here you will be seeing the option Offload App at the bottom of the page, tap on it

Step 7: A pop-up appears showing the message – “Offloading “App” will delete the app but keep its documents and data“.

The above mentioned steps were to Manually Offload apps on your iPhone or iPad but there is another option called as – Automatically Offload Unused Apps on iPhone.

Apple has given an option to Automatically Offload Unused Apps on iPhone to free up Storage space on iPhone or iPad. If you are busy bee and you cannot manually Offload apps on a regular basis, you can use this feature to activate Automatic Offloading of Apps.

Once you activate this option, when the device is low on storage space, your device automatically detects Apps which haven’t been used for a while and Offloads the apps to free up storage space.

Steps to Automatically Offload Unused Apps on iPhone:

Step 1: Follow the same steps mentioned above – Settings then tap on General now tap on iPhone Storage

Step 2: In the iPhone Storage space page, you will be seeing the option – Offload Unused Apps and an option Enable beside it.

Step 3: Tap on the Enable option to activate the feature on your iPhone or iPad.

Activate Automatic Offloading Apps from iTunes & App Store:

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Now tap on your Apple ID
  3. In this page scroll down and tap on iTunes & App Store option
  4. You can see the option Offload Unused Apps and a toggle switch beside it
  5. You can tap on the Toggle switch to turn it on and it turns green.

As mentioned above the Offloaded App icon will be visible on the Home screen with the Cloud icon beside the text. So when you wish to use the App which has been offloaded, just tap on the App icon and it will be downloaded from cloud and become ready to use.

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