How to install Start button in Windows 8

With the new windows 8 making its mark in the market and the number of user increasimg rapidly a common problem bothering many people is the absence of the Start button which was present in all versions of Windows from begining and there is no way we can get it through windows 8 from microsoft as they have removed the script for stat button and replaced it with the Apps button. But there are some apps which will let you install the start button on windows 8 and have a better windows 8 experience.

I have mentioned only 2 apps which i feel are the best at the moment and did not include other apps which will just confuse you to decide, the 2 mentioned apps do all the functions one resembling the old windows 7 start menu and the second software will let you get a shorter version of the start page of windows 8 along with the start button, so read about both the software’s and decide one between the both to use on your laptop or PC running on Windows 8

1. Start Menu 8: 

It is a free software which will let you install the start button in Windows 8 which does not come pre-installed in Windows 8. With Start Menu 8 you can get the Start button in your Home screen along with other features like:

Start button 8 for windows 8

  • You can select different skins to select from or create your own button as your Start button.
  • It uses GPU and multi threading which will not affect the speed of your PC
  • It will replicate the previously available start button and its options in Windows 8
  • Lets you position the Start button on any side of the screen Left, Right, Top and Buttom as you wish.

Download Start Menu 8: Start Menu 8 download link

If you feel comfortable and are used to the windows 7 type of start menu in your windows 8 OS you should install this app without second thought as it is the best app in the market at the moment for this purpose.

2.Win8Start button:

Win8start is a better option if you like to have the windows 8 look all over as Win8Start button will give you a compressed version of the Start screen which we can see in windows 8, unlike the original start button we can see the start button on the right top of the box like we see in the Start page of windows 8, it is a good option to consider as we can have the same layout and not bring in windows 7 type of start menu which looks odd on windows 8.

Win8start button

Visit the link: Win8Start and install the program and enjoy the start button, the only problem with this is the presence of some german words being used in some apps which can be quite confusing sometimes, hope they correct it in the future, if you can bear with this you will have the best start button for windows 8 at the moment..

Download Win8Start Button: Win8Start Button download link

These 2 apps are very efficient in bringing you back the Start button which do not know why microsoft has excluded from windows may be to encourage users to use the Apps and to ring a new interface but the Start button with the shortcuts always was very easy to manage and very helpful.


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