How to Hide Last name in your Facebook profile

Facebook has become an integral part of everyone’s life with everyone spending huge amounts of time on the popular Social network site. Every one of us try to see what the other person is up to and this leads to spying by unwanted persons as well you try to get a glimpse of your personal life shared on your Facebook timeline. There are many options available in Facebook like, you can hide your photos from any user other than your friends etc.

In case you are trying to be discrete and not want to reveal your full identity in Facebook, like hiding your last name from your profile, there is a way to do that too. Facebook does not allow you to make changes in your profile by leaving the last name empty, but there is a workaround for this and we are going to show you a step by step procedure to do it.

How to remove last name from Facebook profile

Before you go to the steps, it is important to know that to get this step to work you need to access Facebook using proxy or VPN servers which are not at all risky and does not compromise your safety or account details. So you can go ahead without fear of losing your privacy.

Steps to Hide Last name from Facebook Profile:

If you are using Mozilla Firefox it will be easy to use the proxy and even if you are not using Mozilla Firefox we will be showing you how to use proxies.

While using Mozilla Firefox – Click on Menu -> Go to Options -> Click on Advanced -> Now under Network, click on Settings beside the Connection option with the text “Configure how Firefox connects to the Internet”. Now a Pop-up box will appear and you have to select on

How to hide last name from Facebook Profile

Now a Pop up box will appear and you have to select on Manual proxy configuration. You need to enter the Proxy Address or the HTTP Proxy and Port.

Connection settings for connecting through Proxy in Mozilla Firefox

If you are not using Mozilla Firefox, you can change the Proxy server settings by accessing through LAN settings by following these steps – Open Run or press the Windows Key + R and type in inetcpl.cpl and hit Enter. LAN Settings box will appear and under the Connections tab click on LAN Settings option. Select the option under Proxy Server – Use a Proxy Server for your LAN and enter the Address and Port and click OK

To make the change successfully, you need to access Facebook using Indonesia proxy and to get the specific county proxy you can use any of the following proxy address from the list given here –

Copy the Proxy Address and the Port details and paste in the HTTP Proxy or Address box and the Port box and click on OK. (Make sure that you copy and past the latest Proxy address in the list which will be the most active)

From your Browser Login and access your Facebook Account, go to Account Settings and first you need to change Language by clicking on Language option and changing the Language to Bahasa Indonesia

Now that Facebook is tricked to believe you are from Indonesia, you can now go to your Profile and change your name on Facebook by leaving the Last name box empty and clicking on Save changes.

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Once you have successfully changed your name successfully and hidden your last name  make sure to revert back to the original settings, by changing the language and proxy settings in your Mozilla browser or PC.

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