How to Fix WhatsApp Notifications not working on iPhone

WhatsApp is the leading Social networking app across all platforms, recently some users have started complaining of WhatsApp Notifications not working on iPhone. The reason for Notifications not showing up on your iPhone can be many and let us look at all the reasons and how you can fix it. Users will not be receiving any notification from WhatsApp on receiving a Message, image, Video, etc on the Home Screen.

Users have complained of not being able to check any time sensitive messages in time and not being able to reply to them. Here are some of the common causes and their fixes.

Turn on Allow Notifications:

In some cases when the Notifications are turned off by mistake you will not be able to see any new messages. Follow the steps to check if Allow Notifications is Turned on.

Go to Settings > Tap on Notifications > Tap on WhatsApp from the list

Now in the next screen Turn on the Allow Notifications option by tapping on the Toggle switch

Turn on WhatsApp Message and Group Notifications:

Go to Settings > Tap on WhatsApp > Now tap on Notifications

Under Notifications tap on WhatsApp Notification Settings

Now Tap on the Toggle Switch for Message and Group Notifications to turn them On

Turn Off Do Not Disturb:

This is an option which helps in blocking any calls, alerts, etc from popping up on your screen. If you might have accidently turned it on you would not be receiving any Notifications from WhatsApp.

Go to Settings > Tap on Do Not Disturb > Turn Off the toggle switch beside Do Not Disturb.

Reset WhatsApp Notification Settings:

This is the last step which would be necessary if all the above steps have not worked. In case the Notification settings in your WhatsApp account have been changed it might result in no notifications showing up.

Tap on WhatsApp > Tap on the Settings icon on the bottom of the screen

Now tap on Notifications > Scroll down and tap on Reset Notification Settings and then tap on the Reset button in the pop-up.

These are all the causes for WhatsApp Notifications not working on iPhone and follow each method to fix the problem. Please let us know in the comments section if you find any other cause for the Notifications not showing up and the fix for it can be added to the post.

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