How to Fix Sideways or Tilt Screen on Windows 10 Laptop or Computer

One of the most common problems with Windows is the Display or screen suddenly turns sideways or tilted to the side on its own when you have plugged in an external monitor. The Screen will be sideways with the display in portrait mode while your screen is in landscape or horizontal view. It surely is irritating and many get scared as to what has happened with the PC or laptop display which is has turned on its side without you doing anything.

Luckily there is a simple fix for this which involves changing some settings which can be fun and irritating at the same time as you need to either tilt your head sideways or tilt the display sideways to control the mouse properly.

How to Fix Sideways Screen or Tilt Screen with Keyboard shortcuts:

We can rotate the screen to normal with the help of only using the keyboard shortcuts without playing around with the mouse by following these steps:

  • Hold Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow at the same time, and its done your display will be returning to landscape mode

If you want to turn the display to the left press Ctrl + Alt + left arrow, if you want to turn it to the right press left press Ctrl + Alt + right arrow.

How to fix sideways or tilt screen in Windows 10 laptop or Computer

How to Fix Sideways Display by from Display Settings:

Using keyboard shortcuts is the easiest way to fix the problem but the other solution is to access the Display settings and change the Orientation. Follow the steps mentioned below –

Note: It can be tricky to control the mouse pointer as the display to turned to its side.

Right click anywhere on your Desktop to open the drop down menu

Click on Display Settings in the list

You will see the Customize your Display page, here look for Orientation option

Here it will be seen as either Landscape (flipped) or Portrait (flipped), click on it and you need to select Landscape

That will fix your problem immediately, click on Apply -> Keep changes when you get the pop up and you can go back to home screen and continue with your work

The Keyboard shortcuts option is the easiest of the two where you can directly change the settings with just a few steps and there will be no need to play around with the mouse pointer in the inverted display.

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