How to Fix “Reminders Not Working” on iPhones or iPad

Reminder App is one of the most Essential apps in iOS Ecosystem for iPhone or iPad, recently users have been facing and Error – “Reminders not working” while using the App. With the Reminders App you can set alerts, create reminders, add tasks, add time and location tasks as well. It even lets you share reminders with others. As it uses iCloud to keep your reminders updated the Error can be caused due to multiple reasons – as simple as problem with App or Notification Settings, iCloud access, issue with Widget, etc.

Let us look at the various ways in which we can fix the Issue with Reminders App in Apple iPhone or iPad.

  1. Reminder App Settings:

In some cases we have seen that the Notification sounds or alert sounds for reminders is muted all by itself which is one of the reasons why there is no Notification sound on setting a reminder. To fix this

  • Go to Settings > Tap on Sounds > now tap on Reminder Alerts
  • Under Reminder Alerts tap make sure that the Alert Tone is not set to None but select any Tone you wish.

2. Check for Updates:

Some users have mentioned that there is a problem with the Reminder app when a new update is not installed. So check for any new App update or OS update and install it.

  • To do this Tap on Settings > General > Go to Software Update > Tap on Download & Install if any update is available

3. Enable or Disable iCloud Access to Reminders App

As Reminders App is linked with iCloud, if there is any problem with iCloud you will not be facing a problem with Reminders App as well.

  • Go to Settings > Now tap on Apple ID Name > Tap on iCloud
  • Scroll through the options and tap on Reminders option Toggle switch to either Turn it On or OFF
  • Now tap on the option Delete from My iPhone in the pop up window
  • Go back to Home screen and after a few minutes turn back the Toggle Switch On and try to use Reminders App

4. Notification Settings for Reminders App

In some instances if the Notification Settings are turned Off or Sounds under Notification are turned off you will not be receiving any Alert on your Reminder. To check this

  • Tap on Settings > Notifications > Go to Reminders
  • In the Reminders page, Tap on Allow Notifications > make sure all the alerts are selected > Tap on Sounds and select any Tone which want to hear on getting a Reminder.

5. Remove and Reinstall Reminders App

In some cases, the Reminders App file maybe corrupted which might be the reason for all the above options to not work.
To help fix the problem, it is best to remove the App and Reinstall it again from App Store.

  • Press and Hold the Reminder App to get a pop up window > Tap on the Delete App option
  • You have to Restart your iPhone or iPad and then Go to App Store and Download and Install Reminder App on your iPhone or iPad.

The are the most useful options which have helped users to fix the problem with Reminder App not working or not functioning at all in iPhone or iPad.

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