How to Fix or Solve Windows 10 does not go into Sleep Mode

While using your Laptop or PC running Windows 10, have you ever faced an issue where you are not able to put your Laptop or PC into Sleep Mode. Let us see how you can fix this problem and be able to Enter your laptop or computer into Sleep mode. Let us first see when does your device go into Sleep Mode, you can either do it by your self by clicking the Windows Logo and then clicking on the Power button. Windows automatically goes into Sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity to preserve battery life and save power.

If you have left your computer and come back after a couple of hours and find your Laptop still active then there might be a couple of reasons for it to not enter Sleep Mode – There could be a program running in the background which is preventing Sleep mode to be activated or an external device connected to your device which is preventing it. Let us check how you can fix why Windows 10 does not go into sleep mode.

How to fix Windows 10 does not go into Sleep mode

Method 1: Check Power and Sleep Settings:

Windows 10 gives you an option to select the amount of time after which your computer enters Sleep mode if there is any change in this your device won’t enter into sleep mode.

Click on the Start button on the lower left bottom of the screen

Now tap on the Settings Icon

Here click on System option and click on Power & sleep in the left sidebar

Here you will see the option – Sleep and a box mentioning the amount of time after which your device will go into Sleep mode when connected to a charger and when running only on battery.

Select the amount of time you wish to put it into sleep and save the settings.

Method 2: Run Troubleshooter

Windows provides an option called Troubleshooter which identifies if any problem is present in your device and lets you fix it. So let us see how to run the troubleshooter to fix the sleep mode problem

Click on the Start button and then click on the Settings icon

Now click on the Update & security option

From the side bar click on Troubleshoot option

Here you need to click on the Power option and then click on Run the troubleshooter

All you have to do now is to wait for Windows 10 to find the problem and fix it on its own.

Method 3: Disconnect any connected External devices

In some cases if there is any external device connected to your computer, Windows 10 does not enter Sleep mode. The devices which can cause this are External Hard Drives, USB connected devices, Microphones, external Web cameras, Cameras etc. All you got to do is to disconnect the device and the problem will be fixed.

Method 4: Restore Default Power Plan:

If you have made any changes to the power settings and are not able to fix the problem, you can always Restore your device to its Default power settings. Here is how you can do it.

Click on Start button and then on Settings and click on Power & Sleep option

Now click on Additional Power Settings

In this page, you need to find “Change plan settings” and click on it.

Do not change anything, on the bottom left of the screen you will be seeing the options Restore default settings for this plan click on that and click on Save Changes.

You are done, your Windows 10 PC or laptop will now have the default power settings as it was when it was new.

These are some of the most simple yet, effective methods in which you can fix the problem of your Windows 10 PC or Laptop not entering into Sleep mode.

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