How to Fix or Solve Error Retrieving Information from Server DF-DLA-15 in Google Play Store

With the number of Android smartphones increasing in number every passing day, so are the number of Errors in Google play store being faced by users, one such Error is the “Error retrieving information from server DF-DLA-15” which is faced while downloading an application from Google Play Store. The Error is not rare and is seen quite often in android devices. It is faced either while downloading the application or updating an already installed app.

How to fix or solve error retrieving information from server DF-DLA-15 in google play storeHow to fix or solve error retrieving information from server DF-DLA-15 in google play store

The Error shows up as follows in the pop-up box – “App name” can’t be downloaded. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting (Error while retrieving information from server. [DF-DLA-17])”. There are multiple solutions to the  DF-DLA-17 Error as there are multiple causes of the error and each one has to be solved in its own way. Let us start from the easiest of the solutions and go to the hardest, in case you know the cause of the error directly go to the solution or else it is best to follow each solution and go ahead till the Error is fixed.

Clear Cache and Data to fix Error DF-DLA-17 Error:

This is of the easiest of solutions to this Error as the Cache files stored in the application is the reason for the Error. To clear cache and Data follow the following steps – Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store -> Tap on Clear Data -> Tap on Clear Cache. Now close Google Play Store, relaunch it and then try to update or install the application to see if the Error is fixed.

Unmount micro SD card to fix Error DF-DLA-17 Error:

In case your Android device comes with microSD card support and you have one inserted on your device it is found useful to Unmount and Remount the microSD card on your device. Make sure that you do not directly remove the microSD card from your device as some functions can be affected. So follow the steps to Unmount microSD card safely – Settings -> Storage -> Unmount SD card, remove the SD card and now try to install or update the application on your device.

Uninstall Play Store updates to fix Error DF-DLA-17 Error:

The error is said to pop-up due to any recent updates on Google Play Store App which can be incompatible with your device. So the fix is to Uninstall the updates to your Google Play Store app. Follow these steps to Uninstall Play Store updates – Go to Settings -> Tap on Installed Apps or Apps -> Tap on Google Play Store -> Tap on Uninstall Updates button and you are done. After this is done close Google Play store App and relaunch it and try to update or install the Application which was being blocked by this Error.

Restart your smartphone:

Sometimes the solution can be as simple as this, just restart your smartphone and check if the update or installation of the App is fixed without any problem.

Update Payment Details:

Some users have mentioned that the Error DF-DLA-15 was fixed by simply updating their payment details, some Play Store accounts which did not have any payment options like Credit card details synced with the account. If you are not in possession of a credit card the solution is irrelevant.

Update Date and Time:

It has been observed in some cases that the problem in downloading or updating any application is related to the problem in having a difference in time of the device and Google Play Store. This is seen in devices which have been imported from other places where the time zone is different as compared to the device time zone, you can fix this problem easily by either setting the correct date and time manually or let your device take the date and time automatically. Go to Settings -> Date and Time -> toggle On the Automatic date & time option (use network provided time zone). The other option is to manually set the date and time by turning off the Automatic Date and time option and then tap on “Set Date” and set the correct date and “Set Time” and change the time.

Clear Dalvik Cache:

This Solution is for Rooted Android smartphones as it requires the installation of third party app to access the Dalvik Cache file to clear cache from it. Follow the steps mentioned below to Clear Dalvik Cache on your Android device –

Note- What is Dalvik Cache? – It is a JAVA Based Virtual Machine in Google’s Android Operating System which executed applications written for Android.

  • Download and Install Root Explorer or Root File Manager App (which gives Root access)
  • Under Root search for Data/Dalvik Cache and tap on it
  • Now Select and Delete all the files from Dalvik Cache folder
  • Reboot your Android phone to save the changes

Try and update or install the application to see if the Error DF-DLA-15 is fixed.

We will be glad to hear which of the above mentioned solutions has helped you fix the Error DF-DLA-15 Error in your Android smartphone in the comments below, it will be helpful for other users facing the same Error.

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