How to Fix Black and White Screen Issue in iPhone

It is well known that Apple iPhone is not as prone to Errors and Issues as we can see in the Android Ecosystem. But there are some issues which might arise in any variant of the iPhone. We have covered extensively the various Errors and their respective fixes when it comes to Android OS and Google Play store and this is one of the few issues with the iPhone which has been reported.

So let us first look at why the Display on your iPhone has turned into Black and White and why you are not able to view any color on your display whereas all the other functions are normal without any problem. Actually Apple has provided a feature in iPhone settings which turns your display to Black and White and it is called as “Grayscale”. So this issue arises when you accidentally turn on Grayscale in iPhone and you can fix it by turning this feature off.

How to fix Black and white screen in iPhone or turn off Grayscale

How to Fix iPhone Black and White Screen issue or Turn off Grayscale:

In Short the fix to the Black and White Screen in the iPhone is to turn Off the Grayscale from settings and if you know how to do it go ahead and you are done. In case you are not sure where to find the Grayscale toggle option in the settings read ahead.

  • Tap on Settings in your iPhone and then tap on General
  • Under General settings tap on Accessibility
  • Here you will find the Grayscale Toggle option which needs to be turned Off

The Other option which can also be used to fix this issues is from the Zoom option under Accessibility which has the options of Grayscale and Grayscale inverted when if either of the one are turned on will result in Black and White display. Under the Zoom filter settings select None and you are done.

And you are done, now you can see that the colors are back on your iPhone display and there is no need to worry that this was a hardware issue and you needed to change your display, enjoy the amazing display of your iPhone.

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