How to Save or Download WhatsApp Voice Messages on iPhone

WhatsApp is the number one messaging App used in the world at the moment with more than 2 billion active users which is quite a huge number. With WhatsApp gaining in popularity due to its multiple features like messaging, sharing images, videos, voice messages, audio files, video files, etc. For Android users, Voice Messages are downloaded and stored under WhatsApp folder in Storage, while Voice messages are not stored in iPhone Storage as WhatsApp for iOS does not store voice messages.

Earlier it was not possible to download and save Voice messages in iPhone but with a recent update in iOS 13, 14 you can use the Files App to download voice messages from WhatsApp on to your iPhone storage. This avoids any use of a third-party App or connecting your device to Mac or Windows PC or Laptop.

How to Download Voice Messages from WhatsApp on your iPhone:

You will be needing the Files App on your iPhone for this to work, so make sure that you have installed the Files App on your device if not already.

  1. Launch Files App on your iPhone
  2. Go to the WhatsApp Chat you want to download the Voice message from
  3. Now Scroll to the Voice message you wish to download and Long Press the Voice message, either single or select multiple messages
  4. Now Tap on Forward and after selecting tap the “Share” button at the bottom right corner of the screen
  5. From the Pop-up window tap on “Save to Files” in the iOS share sheet
  6. Now Tap – “On my iPhone” if you to save it locally or Tap on iCloud Drive and then select the folder you wish to save it to
  7. Now Tap on Save option to save the Voice messages in that particular folder. If you want to crease a new folder to save Voice messages, you can tap on the “Folder +” icon beside the Save option.

You can access the Voice notes or messages whenever you wish to by going to the Files App and then opening the folder in which you have saved the messages in. You can forward the messages or listen to them anytime you wish.

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