How to Disable or Deactivate WhatsApp without Deleting or Uninstalling App in Android

Social Media has everyone glued to their smartphones taking up a major chunk of our day to day life, with WhatsApp being one of the most used Instant messaging apps in the world it would certainly be useful to keep away from the Online world and spend some time in the offline world. Most social networking sites come with the option of logging out whenever you feel like having some me time and logging back in to resume without loosing any data, but with WhatsApp there is no such option unless you delete the app which might result in you loosing some data. As WhatsApp does not give an option to Log out of the App, you earlier had to either download a third party application to deny internet to the App to stop it from working or Delete the app and install it back again, both of which are time taking processes.

So here is a simple solution which lets you Go Invisible on WhatsApp and you will stop receiving any messages on Whatsapp from your contacts and will not be able to send any as well. You need to follow 5 steps on your smartphone which will lets you go Invisible on WhatsApp by just changing the settings and there will be no need to install any application or deleting the App.

Steps to Disable or Log out of WhatsApp without Deleting it:

Note: You need to tweak WhatsApp settings and device setting which are simple steps.

Step 1: Disable WhatsApp Notifications

  • Tap on Settings icon in your Android smartphone (from drop down bar or settings app)
  • Now tap on Apps
  • Now select List of Apps
  • Now tap on WhatApp
  • Tap on Notification
  • Select Disable all Notifications for WhatsApp

This will stop any notifications from showing up on your home screen and you will not know if you have received any messages unless you open the App

Step 2: Disable WhatsApp Ringtone and Notification light

  • Open WhatsApp and then tap on the three dot icon on the top right corner of the display
  • Now go to Settings
  • Tap on Notifications and then Light
  • Now select None and you are done.
  • Go back to Settings > Tap on Notification Tone > Tap on None and tap OK
  • You have to do the same for Notification Tone under Groups as well to turn off Notifications for Groups

This step and the one above this will prevent any notifications about messages received to be seen by you and once you remove the WhatsApp shortcut you will not be seeing any WhatsApp notifications unless you turn them on or visit WhatsApp once again.

Step 3: Disable Background Data to WhatsApp

  • Go to Settings
  • Now go to Apps or App Manager
  • Then tap on List of Apps
  • Now scroll and tap on WhatsApp
  • Here you need to tap on Force Stop
  • Now tap on Data Manager
  • Here Disable Background Data or tap on Data Network to turn the toggle switch off. You should also turn off Wi-Fi if the option is separately given as seen in the image below

By turning of Background Data, you are cutting off connectivity to only WhatsApp and all other apps and functions will be the same on your Android device. Now no data will be received by WhatsApp and in turn you will not be receiving or will be able to send any messages to your Contacts. But once you turn on Mobile data or Wi-Fi all the messages, photos or Videos which you have received in the time period will be received all at once. So there is no worry of loosing any important messages while you have turned off Data to WhatsApp.

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