How to Disable Cropping of Picture in Instagram in Android Windows and iPhone devices

In Instagram there is a very bad feature which will not let you upload your complete photo in Instagram like portrait or landscape mode photos. In Instagram you can only upload photos in square so if you want to upload any landscape or portrait in instagram you have to crop it into a square and this will remove all the fun from your photo.

Instagram has an in built cropping tool which will automatically convert your photos into square Instagrams. And this is the main source of problem as some photos like landscapes will be loosing the main part of it due to the cropping.

So I will be showing you tricks for both Instagram on android and also on iPhone which will help you in tricking Instagram in uploading the complete image instead of cropping the photo into square ratio.

How to set photos in instagram without cropping in windows apple iphone and android devices

How to Set Picture in Instagram without Cropping for iPhone:

  • There is an app called SquareReady in iTunes (Free version)
  • Download and install the application from iTunes and then launch the application by tapping on it
  •  This app works by adding white margins above and below the image which will make it appear as a square and tricks instagram to think of the image as a square one and upload it.
  • Coming back to using the application, after launching the application you have to load the photo which you want to upload into Instagram by tapping on the folder icon seen on the Left side top of the App and select the photo to be uploaded from library.
  • Your photo can be seen on the screen appearing as it will be seen when uploaded into Instagram after cropping
  • Now at the bottom of your screen you can see various options  and you have to tap on the third icon from the left and white borders will be added automatically to your image and it will now appear as a square image.
  • This image can be either saved in your device library, camera roll or directly shared by tapping on Send in Instagram with the help of icons present on top right of the screen. Make sure to choose the largest resolution image to be uploaded.
  • Now instagaram will not ask you to crop your image or automatically crop out part of your image as it is already square and whole of your picture will be uploaded.

There are other apps in iTunes like InstaNoCrop and InstaSquarer which also do the same thing but out of the lot I felt SquareReady to the be the best and easiest to use.

How to set Picture in Isntagram without Cropping for Android devices:

  •  Here you have to use and app called InstaNoCrop in Google Play Store
  • Download and install this application on your android device
  • Launch the application by tapping on the icon
  • Upload any photo from your Gallery into this application by tapping on the Select Photo or Take photo icons seen on the bottom of the screen
  • After uploading you have to tap on Fix which will automatically set your picture or you can even do it manually by changing the size of the image with the help of Pinch Gestures or Position by Slide of finger gesture
  • The Borders of your image will be filled with white color which will turn your photo into a square shaped image, you can change the color of the background added to make it square.
  • You can even add a wallpaper as the background for your image instead of plain colors.
  • There is also an option of taking a image and directly using it with the application.  And before saving or uploading into Instagram make sure that it is saved in full resolution.

How to set Photo on Instagram without Cropping in Windows device:

  • There is an application called InstaSquarer available in windows app store which is free
  • Download and Install the application and launch it by tapping on the icon
  • Now you can either upload an image from your gallery or directly capture an image to start editing
  • Now the app will directly add borders on your image which are white and you can also change the colors of the background.
  • The next step will be the availability of Filters to edit the image within the app. Along with filters you can also adjust many aspects of your image like contrast, saturation, clarity, brightness manually to get the best of your image.
  • After editing you can now directly upload into Instagram or can even save the photo into your images Gallery.

There are no apps as of now for Blackberry devices and as soon as any app is updated we will let you know, so keep instagraming and share your photos without worrying about the app cropping out the best part of your image with the help of these apps in Android, Apple iPhone and Windows devices.

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