How to Disable Automatic Download of photos and Videos in Google Allo

Like every Instant Messaging App, the latest entrant into the competition, Google Allo also is set to automatically download and save all the Media files in your phone. This is a feature which all Instant messaging services have in common, making it compulsory to download media in order to view it. The media is saved in your device in a folder – “Allo Media” and there are tutorials asking you to delete this folder to stop the auto download process which is not the correct way to go and you will be loosing all the media and there is no way to get view or re-download the media again.

The more easy option is to turn off the auto-download option which is given by all Instant messaging services and it is important to know how to access this option. With the auto-download option turned on all the media which is sent to you is automatically downloaded be it Videos, Audio files or Images which in turn take up now just the space in your device but also eat into the data on your mobile network without your knowledge in the background. So it is useful to save data and to save the storage space in your device by turning auto-download off.

How to turn off or Disable Auto-download of images and videos in Google Allo:


  • Launch Google Allo application in your Android device
  • Tap on the 3 horizontal bars icon on the top left corner of the display
  • Now tap on “Settings” and scroll down in the list to view the “Always download media” option
  • On the right side there is an option to toggle the option on or off, if it is in blue it means it is turned on
  • Tap on the option to turn the settings Off

This option will disable auto download of the files on to your device which will help in saving Mobile data as well as preventing the media files from getting stored on your device storage. To view the image or Video, you need to tap on each media separately to download and view it. In case you want to auto download the media files but do not want them to be stored on your device you can use the steps given below to do so, which requires you to your Google Allo in Incognito mode.

How to start Incognito mode to prevent Media getting saved in device storage in Google Allo:


  • Launch Google Allo App in your Android device
  • Now to activate or chat in Incognito mode with a particular friend or contact, you need to tap on the Chat button on the lower right corner of the screen
  • Now from the options tap on Start incognito chat
  • Select the contact with whom you want to chat and the media will be downloaded but not stored on your device

These are the two best option to save on both Mobile data and Storage by turning off Always-download option and if you do not want to store the media on your device but download the files automatically – use the incognito mode. Hope you get the best of Google Allo without loosing your Data and storage space which have become scarce in todays smartphone world.


  1. By Vaibhav


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