How to Disable Auto-play feature for Videos in Facebook App to Save Data

AutoPlay of Videos has been introduced into Facebook mobile app earlier this year, and this is one annoying feature where the video in your timeline starts to play automatically when you scroll and reach a certain frame. With this feature if you are using your Facebook over mobile data, can just leech out all the memory from your data plan.

Luckily there is an option with which you can disable AutoPlay feature in Facebook App for mobiles. There is one option called “Smart Auto Play” which will let you choose from three options when you want to play Videos while scrolling on your timeline.

How to disable auto play option for videos in Facebook App

How to Disable Auto-Play and Enable Auto-Play only when WiFi is available in Facebook App:

  • In your Facebook app tap on the three lines icon on the right side top of your app screen
  • Scroll down to the bottom, find the App settings option and tap on it.
  • From the list, you will be finding “Video Plays Automatically” which will be ON. Tap on it which will open a pop-up box.
  • In the pop-up box you will be finding three options On, Wi-fi only and Off. Tap on the desired option of your choice and the settings will be saved.
  • If you want the Videos not to Auto Play even when connected to Wi-Fi then you have to tap on the Off option, if you want the videos to play while connected to Wi-fi then tap on the Wi-fi only option from the list.

In some versions of Android there is an option called Smart Auto Play. It is similar but comes with three options to choose from – Use Mobile Data and Wi-Fi, Use Wi-Fi only and Never Play Videos Automatically.

Auto Play is a very strange and irritating update given by Facebook, it is only useful for users who are not concerned about their Data plans or are always connected to Wi-Fi connections and who like to watch videos all the time. Do let us know whether it was helpful in saving your mobile data plan.

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