How to Delete App Data and Documents on iPhone and iPad to free up storage space

With Apple iPhone and iPad devices coming with limited Storage space without the option to expand storage many times we face the problem of ending up filling up all our Storage space and face the Error Message – “Storage Almost Full“. We checked the Storage space of iPhone and iPad and were surprised to see the file – “Documents and Data” taking up a lot of space, so to gain some Storage space Deleting the Documents and Data on iPhone or iPad can help in freeing up space.

Are Documents and Data Important on iPhone?

As we seen in Android devices – Cache and Data in Apple devices the same is stored as Documents and Data. These include details like Cache, Message history, browsing data, search data, Sign-In Info etc. In most cases, the Documents and Data files take up more space than the App itself. If you are wondering to what happens with apps stored on iCloud, the Documents & Data file for such apps is seen in device storage as well.

How to Clear Documents & Data on iPhone to free up storage space

How to Delete Documents and Data on iCloud:

Note: The only way to clear Data & Documents directly from an iPhone is to Uninstall the App and Re-Install it. But you can Delete Documents & Data from a particular App through iCloud.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on your Apple ID
  3. In the Apple ID screen, you need to tao on iCloud
  4. Here scroll down through the list and tap on Manage Storage option
  5. You will be seeing the list of Apps and the amount of Storage apace which is being occupied by the app
  6. Here you will see the option Delete Documents & Data, now you need to tap on Delete in the pop-up window

This will delete all the Document and Data from the App which you have selected, follow the same steps for other apps.

How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone:

Note: If you want to directly delete Documents and Data from an iPhone only way is to Delete the App and Re-install it.

  1. Tap on Settings -> Go to General
  2. Now select iPhone Storage
  3. Here you will be seeing the list of Apps installed on your device
  4. Tap on the App which is occupying the most amount of Storage Space
  5. In the App Screen, scroll down and Tap on “Delete App” select the Delete option seen in the Pop-up box along with its Documents and Data.
  6. There is another option – Offload Unused Apps this does not delete unwanted documents and data but only clears the amount of storage the App.

You can follow the same steps and clear Documents and Data for other apps as well which are occupying data on your device. Using the iCloud method is the best way to free up storage space on your iPhone without deleting any Applications.

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