How to chat in Private or Incognito in Google Allo App – Set expiry time to messages

Google Allo is the latest entry into the Instant Messaging App scene which is being lead by WhatsApp having more than 1 billion users and with competition like Hike, Line, Wechat, Weibo etc the new IM app by Google is quite equipped to take on the competition with features like Google Assistant a virtual assistant similar to Apple Siri. It also comes with Incognito mode available for chat which gives the users an option to chat in Incognito and also set expiry time for the messages to get deleted in a pre set time period.

This gives users a sense of security and secrecy if you have a device which manyothers use and you need the chat to be deleted automatically after a set period. It is quite straight forward and easy to start the Incognito chat mode along with the expiry time. Follow these steps –

How to Chat in Incognito mode in Google Allo:

  • Launch the Google Allo App in your Android device or iPhone
  • On the Right Side bottom of the screen you will be seeing the Message icon
  • Tap on it and you will be  taken to a page which gives you the options to Start a group chat or Chat with Google Assistant or Start Incognito chat. Tap on the Start Incognito Chat option
  • Now you need to choose the contact with who you would like to start eh Incognito chat
  • Now you can start your chat in Incognito with that  particular user and even set an expiry time for the  chat which will expire. To know how to set expiry time follow the steps given below.


How to set Expiry time in Incognito mode in Google Allo:

  • After launching the Chat in Incognito you need to tap on the Timer icon on the right side top of the display beside the profile picture of the user
  • You will be getting a pop up which shows the set timer which can be off or set to anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 week depending on your choice
  • To set the timer to the desired time you have to scroll through the times and tap on Ok to set it
  • Once you have set the time, the Chat which is typed after setting the time will be deleted and the chat before it would not be affected


This is a pretty interesting and a useful feature which will allow you to send messages which will be deleted automatically on both ends without being in the chat history for everyone to look at. It can be useful to share passwords or any personal information, try out the all new Google Allo and please share what are the features which you loved.

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