How to Charge your Android and Windows Phones Fast in a Short time

Android phones are becoming bigger and better day by day with increasing features, better Screen resolutions, Cameras etc and with that the usage is increasing and the phones are becoming thinner by the day. Hence the Battery life is taking a toll and the need to charge your Android phones is increasing. So here are some tips which will let you Charge your Android phones Faster and Quicker or Decrease the Charging time of your Android devices from Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorolla, Micromax phones to Nokia Windows phones.

Note: The Phones which can use these tips are Galaxy S4, HTC one, Moto X, Nexus phones and tablets, LG G2, Samsung Note 2 and 3, Galaxy grand etc

tips to decrease charging time of android and windows phones

Put your Device in Airplane Mode while Charging:

Putting your device in Airplane mode will decrease your charging time by 30% because the phone uses much of battery by searching for Mobile network or Wifi networks. This will cut off all the connectivity of your device like calls, messages and internet. So this will let you decrease the time of your Android and Windows phones.

Switch OFF your Device while Charging:

Switching OFF your device while charging it will make it charge faster and decrease the charging time. This helps more than Airplane mode because the Display is completely off and your device can charge faster but in Airplane mode we can check the percentage of charging done where as while its switched off we cannot.

Never Overcharge your Device Battery:

Over charging your battery even after it has reached 100% will decrease your battery life considerably and will inturn affect the amount of time it takes to charge. This mainly happens with people who put their Android Phones of Tablets for charging before sleeping and leave it all night.

Monthly Complete Recharge:

Once a month we have to charge our Android or Windows devices to a complete charge after completely draining the battery to zero. This will allow the flow of lithium ions in the battery as most of the batteries used are Lithium ion batteries.

Use Original Charger:

Using original charger will help maintain your batteries health because they will suit the voltage specifications required for your battery, if you use other duplicate batteries the voltage differences will affect the battery life and also alter the amount of time taken to charge your phones or tablets.

Do not charge with USB:

Charging with a USB will take ages compared to the regular wall mounted Charger because the Computer USB will not give the same amount of Voltage which the wall mounted charger gives. this will inturn increase the time of charging and also have a negative effect on the Battery.


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