How to change or edit account name in Windows 10

With the number of Laptops and PC’s running on Windows 10 increasing in number and Microsoft stressing on updating all the present Windows powered devices to Windows 10 we can be sure that there will be many doubts and confusions regarding Windows 10. One such doubt which someone asked me was, “How can I change the Account Name in Windows 10”. This is a quite easy one but most of us do not know the answer to it.

Let us first know what the Account user name is, it is the name which is given while creating your Microsoft Account and it will be displayed on your PC. In case you want to change the Account name or do not want to show the name at all, you need to follow the below given steps to change your account user name in Windows 10 PC or Laptop.

How to change Computer or User name in Windows 10

Steps to change Microsoft Account name in Windows 10:

  • From your Windows 10 Account Go to Settings (in Start Menu) and then Click on Accounts
  • Select your Info and then click on Manage My Microsoft Account
  • You will be taken to the web browser where the Outlook settings will be opened and you need to sign in into your Outlook Account or your hotmail account
  • Here you can see Edit Name, click on it and you get the option to change your first name and last name depending on your requirement
  • After changing the name you need to click on Save and to apply the changes you need to Restart your Windows 10 PC after which your name will be updated.

This was how you can change your Account name in Microsoft, in case you are looking for changing your name in the Local account, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

How to change User name in Local Account in Windows 10:

It is a pretty straight forward process where you can change the name through two techniques, one is through the Control panel and the other one through Local Users and Groups option. I will be showing the easier one – Control Panel

  • Go to Control Panel, if you are not able to find it you can enter Control Panel in the search bar which will show you the result
  • Now click on User Accounts and then select Manage Account Name Or Make changes to your Account option
  • Here you will find the option – Change the Account Name click on it
  • You will be getting the option to change your name, after changing the name you can save the changes and you will bow see the name which is saved when your Windows 10 PC is launched.

These are the two steps which will let you change you Microsoft Account name and your Windows 10 PC user name.

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