How to block or Stop Candy Crush or any App Requests from Facebook Settings

Recently we saw that Mark Zuckerberg was asked a question in IIT Delhi, how to block or Stop Candy Crush App requests in Facebook, to this Mark replied jokingly saying he is also trying to figure it out. But there has been an option to stop not just Candy Crush App requests but any App or Game request from appearing in your timeline or in your notifications.

This option is called Blocking which we will give you many options like Blocking App requests, Blocking Invites from users or friends, Blocking pages and Blocking users as well.  So let us show you how to block app notifications and game requests in Facebook directly from settings to never ever receive the notifications again.

How to Block or Stop Candy Crush or Any App Requests in Facebook:

Let us see the Step by Step tutorial on how you can directly block the app or game requests from apps like Criminal Case, Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda, Farmville etc which are quite bothering sometimes. Everyone was worried on how to stop these requests, but there has been an option in Facebook which allows users to personally block certain apps and games from sending notifications.

  1. Go to Settings which can be accessed by clicking on the Down arrow icon positioned in the right side top corner of your facebook page, if you are on mobile, tap on the Settings icon in the App.How to block Candy Crush app requests in Facebook
  2. You will be getting multiple options to choose from, scroll through the list and tap on Blocking.
  3. After the Manage Blocking page opens you will be getting various options to block like Blocking App requests, Blocking Invites from users or friends, Blocking pages and Blocking users. Candy Crush request
  4. In the Blocking App Requests section, enter the game which you want to block, we have entered Candy Crush and Facebook will give you related apps, choose the required app which you want to block.

You are done, the app or game which you have selected will now be added to the block list, stopping all the life requests and game requests from appearing in your notifications. This is the most easiest and safest way to block these notifications directly from Facebook settings.

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