How to Block and Unblock Contacts in Gtalk

With the number of Spammers increasing every platform is becoming vulnerable and so is Gtalk or if you want to be away from some of your stalkers from contacting you through Gtalk, here is a way with which you can Block users from contacting you.

And in case you have blocked some users or contacts earlier and forgot how to unblock contacts in Gtalk is a small tutorial as well.

Steps to Block or Unblock users or contacts in Gtalk:

1. Open and Login into your Gmail Account.

2. On the Left side of the Side Bar there is a Chat Box

3. Search for the Contact you want to block or go to the contact

4. Place your mouse on the contact How to Block or Unblock contacts in Gtalk

5. A pop up box slides out on the right which is the Contact information of the user

6. In the Pop up Box on the Right lower corner you will find a down facing arrow

7. Click on it and you will find “Show in Chat List” with the options we need for Blocking and UnblockingHow to Block or Unblock users or contacts in Gtalk

8. Click on “Block” to block the contact from messaging or contacting you in all Google platforms.

With the same method you can Unblock the contact where you will find “Unblock”in place of Block.



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