How to Add Shortcuts on Lock screen of Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 becoming the most sold Smartphone with over 80 million phones already sold, there are many things which the users would want to know about the device like many shortcuts which are virtually not used by most of the users, so here we will be sharing with you how to create a Camera Shortcut on your Lock Screen. Samsung Galaxy S4 has 10 new features compared to its predecessor the Galaxy S3. Here is a post on whats new with Galaxy S4 – List of New Features in Galaxy S4

This tutorial is useful in all Galaxy Devices like Galaxy S4, S3, S2, S Duos, S Advance and Galaxy Tab series in Creating or Adding Camera, Phone, email, Browser etc as Shortcuts to the Lock Screen where in case of emergency you do not have to unlock your device and then search for the camera or message option. In case you have an interesting photograph to take or message to type immediately and you are having a pattern lock or password lock on your phone this Shortcuts will be very useful.

This Technique is similar to that done in S3 so people might have had an S3 will know about this but in people using Galaxy series phones for the first time here it is:

  1. Go to settings either in the Drop down menu or the Shortcut on Homescreen
  2. Scroll down to the point where you can see “Lock Screen” option in the list, click on Lock Screen tab. How to add shortcuts to lock screen in Galaxy S4 and S3
  3. Here you can see 3 options: Screen Lock, Lock Screen Options and Owner InformationHow to add shortcuts options to lock screen in Galaxy S4 and S3
  4. Click on Lock Screen Options which will take you to another tab
  5. Here you can see the various options which can be manipulated on your Lock Screen: Shortcuts, Information Ticker, Clock, Dual Clock, Weather, Ripple Effect.How to add shortcuts to lock screen in Galaxy S4, S3 and S2
  6. If you do not see Green Bar beside the “Shortcuts” tab click on the ash colored bar which will then turn into Green
  7. Now click on the Shortcuts Tab
  8. It will lead you to the “Set Shortcuts” Screen where you can Set Shortcuts on Lock Screen, Tap shortcut to assign application. Drag and Drop to Delete or Change Order of the Shortcuts on the Lock Screen.How to create shortcuts to lock screen in Galaxy S4 and S3

After you have installed the Shortcuts to the Lock Screen all you have to do is when on the lock screen as you slide to unlock on the screen you have to slide towards the Shortcut which you want to use and leave it on the shortcut which will directly open the Shortcut like Camera, Mail or messaging.

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