How to activate and Use Game speed booster in Xiaomi smartphones

If you are a Xiaomi smartphone user and love playing games on your smartphone, you have some good news. Xiaomi has introduced an option called “Game Speed booster” which will boost your phone’s performance to help in running games smoothly. This feature was introduced with the latest MIUI Global Beta ROM which gives an improved performance to Xiaomi devices.

In MIUI 9 there are many new features which are aimed at making the user experience smooth and optimized without any lag. The features like Intelligent CPU acceleration along with Dynamic resource allocation features which help in decreasing the load on the CPU and increasing the overall performance. These features have helped in decreasing the app launch time drastically. So if you are an avid gamer and want to activate the Game Speed Booster on your Xiaomi device follow the below mentioned steps.

How to activate Game Speed Boost feature in Xiaomi smartphones:

It is important to note that you need to install the latest MIUI Global Beta ROM on your Xiaomi device.

Now launch the Security App on your Xiaomi device, in some devices a pop-up is seen prompting to activate Game Speed Boost, while in other devices you need to manually select the Gaming speed Boost option seen under the Tools option in Security.

How to activate Game Speed Booster in Xiaomi smartphones

Here you need to go through the tips and you will be seeing the option Start tap on it and you will get an option to add the games or other apps for which you want to turn on the Game Booster mode.

The Game Booster Mode works by clearing the Cache and memory taken by the game system as soon as the Game Booster Mode is turned on. So, users get the maximum memory required to run the game and it improves the gaming performance.

If you do not want to get disturbed while gaming you can activate the DND setting where you will not be getting any notifications, you can turn off capacitive key lights, restrict background sync which can slow down your device. All these settings can be used to give you the best gaming experience and the most out of your Xiaomi device.

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