How can I Block Someone on Facebook Messenger from sending messages for iOS and Android

Social media is as harmful as it is beneficial depending on the type of people who you encounter. There are instances in Facebook when some users or stalkers who keep messaging and do not tend to understand that you are not interested in their advances or are not interested to talk to them. There have been users who have asked me How they can Block a User in Facebook messenger from sending messages and calling or Video calling.

Facebook has given the option to either completely block any User or Block the user from sending you messages from Facebook messenger. You can follow the below mentioned steps to Block any user from sending you messages on Facebook Messenger. The steps are different for Facebook Website and Facebook App for Android and iOS so we have written separate tutorials for both.

Steps to Block or Stop Receiving messages from someone on Facebook messenger:

In Facebook Messenger App for Android and iOS: 

Step 1: On Mobile app – Tap on the Three lines icon on the top right corner of the screen,

Step 2: Here tap on Settings & Privacy

How to Block User from sending messages on Facebook Chat

Step 3: Scroll down here and Tap on Privacy Shortcuts

Step 3: Here you will be seeing “Add to Blocked list“, tap on it

Step 4:  You will be seeing the people you have blocked and an option – “Add to Blocked List” – Tap on it and you will be getting a search bar where you need to enter the user who you want to block.

Howt to Add to Blocked list on Facebbok

Step 5: Tap on Block contact and you will not be receiving any messages or Calls or Video calls from the user until you Unblock the contact following the same steps.

In Facebook Website on Laptop or PC:

Step 1: Tap on the Down facing Arrow on the top side right of the display

Step 2: Tap on the “Settings” option from the drop down box

How to Block someone on Facebook messenger

Step 3: Tap on Blocking option seen in the left side of the screen

How to Add facebook users to Blocked list in Facebook Messenger


Step 4:  You will be seeing the option “Block Messages”, enter the name of the user who you want to block from sending you messages or making Video calls on Facebook messenger.

These Blocked users will not be able to contact you on Facebook Messenger. The person you have blocked will be getting the following messages – “You cannot reply to this conversation” if the user tries to contact you by replying to your previous conversations. “The person isn’t available right now” if the blocked user tries to send a message from messenger or “Message not Sent” if the user tried to send a message from Facebook App for iOS.

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