Comparison of iOS6 vs iOS7 – Design change of Icons

The differences between iOS 6 and iOS7 are huge, there is a complete change in the User Interface. This is the biggest change ever done by Apple regarding its iOS where only new additions were added but this one is a complete overhaul. There is a change in the way the Apps looks, complete interface change and many New Features which were not present in iOS6.

Many people are saying that Apple has copied the design and features from Andorid and other OS but i must say it has done a great job at copying, who cares whether they copy or not in the end what matters is whether it is useful and loved by the users or not. It is not my company or yours so why fight for it.

Here are some links about iOS7:

  1. New Features of iOS7
  2. List of Features Apple iOS7 copied from Jailbreak Apps

Here is a Sided by Side representation of the Apps – On the Left are Apps from iOS6 and on the Right Apps from iOS7 done by – Niels (special thanks to him). The images are copyrighted to Niels.

1. Here are the new App designs of Facetime, Messages, Safari, Game center, Maps, Contacts, Notes and Compass.

Comparison between Icons of iOS6 vs iOS7

2. Here are the new App designs of  Phone, Reminders, Passbook, Newsstand, Mail, Music, photos, videos.

Comparison between Icons of iOS7 vs iOS6

3. Here are the new App designs of Stocks, Camera, App store, Calculator, Whether, Calender, Clock, iTunes.

Comparison between iOS6 vs iOS7

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