How to change or Remap the function for Music key on Lenovo K8 Note

Lenovo has launched their mid-range smartphone, the K8 Note targeting the growing mid range segment which offers all the features of a top end device at half the price. The Lenovo K8 Note is no different, it comes with a Music Key button which was something seen in Samsung’s Flagship – Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ which have the Bixby button on the side. What is different in K8 Note is that the Music key button comes pre configured with music option but it can be configured for other functions as well. This is not the case for Bixby button officially, but there are certain apps which let you do it (Remap Bixby button in Galaxy S8 and S8+).

Lenovo K8 Note

Lenovo is giving direct access to Remap or change the function of Music button in the setting which is quite useful, you can assign the Music button to launch the flashlight, open camera, take a screenshot and even allows you to launch or open any application on pressing the Music button. There are three functionalities for which it can be used – Longpress the Music button, Double press and Triple press the music button.

Steps to change Function of Music Key in Lenovo K8 Note:

Step 1: Tap on Settings on your K8 Note

Step 2: Scroll through the options and tap on “Music Key” option

Step 3: You can now see the Music key control options

Step 4: You will be seeing the options like – Long press, Double click, Triple click

Step 5: Below you will be seeing the option – “Longpress action of music key”

Step 6: Here you can select the action which you want the music key to perform on long pressing the music key, the options available are – Play/Pause music, Start Flash light, Start camera, Take screenshot, Start AAP ( allows you to launch any app)

Step 7: Select the required option to set it as the action for the Music key

The option to remap the Music button directly from settings is quite useful for every day functions like launching the Camera on a single click to capture the moments without missing them or to launch the torch light in case or urgency which takes several seconds and clicks to launch in normal scenarios. The option to launch any Application on Longpress of the Music button is a very good feature by Lenovo.

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