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How to set Songs as Alarm tones on Nokia Lumia Windows devices

Nokia Lumia devices are getting the attention they needed to counter the smartphone business dominated by Android and iOS users. There have been many complains and other features which have been missing from Nokia Lumia phones and are being updated with the latest updates. Nokia Lumia devices are running on Windows 8 and 8.1 at

How to Fix/Solve Black Screen after making a call in Windows phones

Many Windows phone users and especially Nokia Lumia device users are facing this issue of getting a Black Screen After making a call and the device touch becoming unresponsive for some times after the call. We all know that the device screen turns off when you get a call and place the phone near your

How to Solve or Fix Error Code 80C805E2 in Windows Phones

When you are using your Windows mobile like in the Nokia Lumia series or HTC devices there are many users who have complained of facing a problem while trying to Sync Google or Microsoft Accounts like Gmail, Hotmail account or accounts which are the latest to your Windows 8 Phone. When the users are

How to Solve Hotmail or Outlook Error Code 85010014 in Nokia Lumia

For users of Nokia Lumia series phones running on Windows OS are facing a problem regarding Outlook or the earlier Hotmail where new mails are not being updated and when users are opening their mails the error which is shown in the image below – Error Code: 85010014 is being shown. This Error code is

How to Soft Reset and Hard Reset Windows Nokia Lumia devices -920, 1020 etc

Nokia Lumia series is gaining its popularity with the combination of Nokia Hardware and Windows Operating System. But we have noticed that there are many problems too associated with the device mainly the Nokia Lumia 920, 1020, 1320, 1520 etc. Problems like Frozen Screen and Unresponsive Screen on Boot Up or while Starting the device

How to Solve Error Code 80048823 – When Downloading Apps and Updates

The Nokia Lumia series with its Windows OS from Microsoft has been a great advantage for both fading market of Nokia and Microsoft Operating System the Windows Mobile OS 8. There  have been many errors which are being faced by users of windows phones which we are going to help you solve and get rid

How to Solve or Fix Error Code 80048264 in Windows Phones

A common Error in Windows Phones App Store or while opening Apps is the error 80048264 which will be seen when you are opening an already installed App or trying to install a new App from the Windows App store. There are many error codes which are popping up with the increase in usage of

How to update/upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 for Free

Windows 8.1 is the latest update from Microsoft and the good thing is that Microsoft is offering it as a free update to people who are already using Windows 8. And if you are using Windows 7 updating to Windows 8.1 can be done through Microsoft’s Upgrade Assistant. Windows 8.1 is available for $119.99, while

How to Charge your Android and Windows Phones Fast in a Short time

Android phones are becoming bigger and better day by day with increasing features, better Screen resolutions, Cameras etc and with that the usage is increasing and the phones are becoming thinner by the day. Hence the Battery life is taking a toll and the need to charge your Android phones is increasing. So here are

How to check Storage Memory and Uninstall Apps on Windows 8 Phones

With Smartphones the main problem these days is lack of space be it 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB users are not able to have manage space effectively be it a person who love Photography with increasing Camera specifications the size of each photo is also increasing, Gamers with their huge sized games and