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How to Unsync or Remove Facebook Contacts from Windows and Nokia Lumia devices

If you are a Windows OS user be it the Nokia Lumia devices or the HTC ones you will see that when you connect your device to your Facebook profile the contacts from Facebook account are automatically Synced into your device and you will be seeing updates from your contacts in your Contacts App or

How to Take screenshot in Windows 8.1 OS in smartphones

Taking a Screenshot in Windows smartphones has changed from the 8.1 OS update and we will show you here how to take a screenshot in windows smartphone running on Windows 8.1 be it Nokia Lumia, HTC or any other smartphone running on Widnows OS. Here I am going to show you using the Nokia Lumia

How to Mute / Silent Message Threads in Windows 8.1 in Lumia and HTC devices

Messaging Apps are the most used platforms to converse in these days and this has become a boon and sometimes a distraction too because of the huge number of messages are coming from a single thread and a constant beeping or alert is being sounded. After the Windows 8.1 update there has been a new

How to share internet over Bluetooth in Windows phones

If you are using internet on your Windows smartphone and you are having any other device which you want to share your internet with your friends or any other Android or Windows smart phone or tablet device you can do that by sharing internet over Bluetooth connection. You can share internet over any Windows device like

How to fix / Solve error 80072f8f while updating Windows Phone

With updates available for Windows Phones there is an error which is being faced by many users with Nokia Lumia 720, 820, 920, 1020 and other devices while checking for Windows Updates. The Error which is being seen while checking for update is Error 80072f8f which is seen as in the image below. We are

How to Solve / Fix Error 105 in Google Chrome

Error 105 is a common error which many users are facing while accessing a URL through Google Chrome. But let us know first what exactly is Error 105 so that you can get an idea of how we are able to solve this error. Error 105 is Google Chrome is a DNS Resolution Error which

How to Disable Cropping of Picture in Instagram in Android Windows and iPhone devices

In Instagram there is a very bad feature which will not let you upload your complete photo in Instagram like portrait or landscape mode photos. In Instagram you can only upload photos in square so if you want to upload any landscape or portrait in instagram you have to crop it into a square and

How to change Whatsapp background wallpaper for chat window in iPhone, Windows and Android

WhatsApp is the primary mode of communication these days between young and old people alike with many types of groups and chat being available with the option of sharing photos, videos.. etc with everyone is making it the largest chatting platform in the world. So to make your chatting experience more personalized you have the

How to Clear or Delete Cache in Windows 7, 8 and 8.1- Desktop, Folders, DNS, Windows Store and Live Tiles

Windows is the leading Operating by far being used all over the world and the technology and applications and softwares and hardwares improving and increasing day by day it is becoming very complicated to keep your Windows Laptop or Desktop running at full potential all the time. I have heard many users complaining of their

How to Solve or Fix Error code 805a0193 in Windows phones

This is apretty common error seen in many windows phones and ahs been reported by many users while using Marketplace and other internet services are normally functioning. It has been reported in all devices be it windows 7.5, 8.0 or 8.1. According to Microsoft this error code 805a0193 may also occur when you try to