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How to Install and Run two WhatsApp accounts in Xiaomi smartphones

With WhatsApp becoming one of the most used instant messaging platform for smartphones, having the option to use two WhatsApp accounts from a single phone should be useful in view of every smartphone having dual SIM support. Xiaomi has introduced the feature with the MIUI 8 called “Cloned Apps”. This feature can be useful in

How to Enable or Activate Two-step verification feature on WhatApp

WhatsApp has been high on giving your data the highest amount of security by introducing security features such as end-to-end encryption earlier which protects the chat and data being sent or received to be secure and protect it from any third party. Now WhatsApp has introduced a new security feature – 2-step verification, which brings

How to track or share location in real time of friends or family using WhatsApp – New Feature

WhatsApp has added a new feature to its arsenal of useful features in the Instant messaging App which allows users to “Track their contacts in real time”. Earlier WhatsApp let us share the location to any user which we wanted to but now this feature which is Live Location Tracking has been seen in the

How to Delete Documents and Data in Apps for iPhone and iPad to free up storage space

The most common problem many iPhone users face is lack of storage space which prevents users from installing new apps or taking videos and photos or even facing problem while updating apps. This problem is due to the data which is accumulated by every App as you use it, this is called as Cache and

How to save or convert WhatsApp Conversation as a text file or word document

Social Networking has taken over our everyday lives in a big way with almost everyone using a smartphone now using WhatsApp or similar Instant messaging apps for chatting or networking with family, friends and others as well. With the huge number of chat groups with hundreds of messages being received we can never be up

How to do calculations in Facebook messenger with Calcbot

Facebook has introduced Bots which can be used in multiple useful ways giving scope for a whole new set of platforms which can be part of a company as customer service or for doing simple tasks like calculations which we are going to talk about now. Calcbot is a Facebook Messenger Bot which can be

How to delete downloaded stickers in Facebook messenger in iPhone

With the number of Messaging apps increasing the competition is getting tougher and each contender is introducing new features to keep their existing users and to attract new users. One such feature is Stickers which are quite interesting to keep the conversation fun be it with friends, relatives or in any groups. There are a

How to Quote or Reply to specific messages in WhatsApp for Android and iPhone

There are a lot of new features being introduced into Messaging platforms recently and the top Messaging platform, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature which is quite useful as well. Now you can Quote messages or Reply to a specific message in a conversation. With the addition of Groups in WhatsApp which lets you add

What is Smart Offline feature in YouTube and How to use it

We all know about the feature from Youtube which lets us save any Video to be viewed offline on Youtube. And we all know that if you start the process of viewing your video offline during the day you mobile data will get finished and at the same time your internet speed for other activities

How to Solve or Fix Contacts not displayed in Whatsapp on Xiaomi devices

There has been an issue with WhatsApp on Xiaomi devices running on MIUI v6 where users are reporting missing contacts from Whatsapp. One thing which has to be first checked is whether the Contacts and numbers are seen in Contacts App or not. If contacts are present in the contacts App but not seen in